1965 Mustang rust repair

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  1. "The owner knows it needs a lot of work but she wants to save a Mustang"

    I think its great its being restored but can't imagine the bill for this coupe. Must have some sentimental value - maybe she was conceived in it. :rolleyes:
  2. The Immaculate Conception
  3. oh boy mine looks worse than that when i got my 66 coup i wounder if i got to go through the same trouble like he did?
  4. 65A 2door Hardtop Coupe standard (early) 92,705
    65A 2door Hardtop Coupe standard (late) 372,123
    65B 2door Hardtop Coupe luxury, Pony Interior 22,232
    65C 2door Hardtop Coupe bench seats 14,905

    So Ford made 501,965 of these cars, sentimental value I can understand, rarity I don't think so! But the owner could have deep pockets and it's putting food on Rusty's table.
  5. Brian removed the firewall and floor boards yesterday




  6. Not much left that is useable.
  7. FYI,
    This car is actually a 6-banger, definitely NOT a rare piece! I saw it in person in early December and it didn't look nearly as bad as it actually is. With the dual headers/exhaust, it sounded almost exactly like a stock 289 with performance mufflers. I am curios as to whether or not they will upgrade to V8 suspension/steering/rear end when it goes back together. The six sounded/ran so well that I doubt they will upgrade that. Rusty and Brian are an amazing team, working out of a reasonably small shop with not much special stuff, EXCEPT for their amazing skills!:nice:
    Just My $.02,
  8. ashamed to say my fastback was in worse shape when i got it :(
    on a positive note its now 3/4 the way done !
    you guys do excellent work:nice:
  9. That is pretty bad...

    I`m about to start gutting mine this weekend, I will totally freak out if I find mine looking like that.
  10. Today Brian started working on the left sail panel.

    This is what he started with


    He removed the rusted out section


    Cleaned it with a wire wheel


    Brushed a thick coat of SPI epoxy

  11. holy rustamoly batman. I guess ocean air is just as bad as minnesota's road salt!
  12. There's some rust, but I'd say 45 years of ocean air is just as bad as 5-10 years of MN road salt. :) Here in Minnesota garaged cars will rust that much in 45 years!
  13. Our early 65 coupe is a life long mn car. Has not been registered since '81 probably stored outside since then too. I guess for the $650 purchace price I can afford a couple of Gs in sheet metal.
  14. Sounds like a good project. I'm in the same position with my '70 convertible, although it's mostly been stored inside. :)
  15. You mean the entire sail panel, LOL

    Don't mean to sound stupid, but why brush it on instead of spraying, you guys have shot everything else?
  16. That's an understatement! LOL
  17. Don't want to get overspray in that shop plus you can brush in areas that you can't spray.
  18. I see, but you can spray in areas you can't brush, LOL.
  19. Too bad Rusty and Brian are so far from New England!