1965 Mustang rust repair

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  1. She has stopped by and glad to see new parts installed and also follows along with this thread and others I have posted on.
  2. There was a lot of rust in the rear torque boxes so Brian added a brace and than will repair one at a time.



    Once the torque box was removed he noticed a little rust in the rocker so he made a patch

  3. After a lot of measuring, fitting, cutting and measuring again Brian has the torque box installed in the same location as the original right side.


  4. That's sure looks fun!
  5. Brian has the right torque box installed


  6. Thats not "rust repair" thats "new car" LOL
  7. Brian brushed a heavy coat of epoxy in the frame rails



    There was a little rust on the inner rocker so Brian cut it out and than epoxy primed.



    This morning he welded patches on the inner rockers


  8. You guys make this stuff look so easy....

    But I know it aint, I been trying, but so far I can tear up more stuff in an hour then I can fix in 2 hours, but I`ll keep trying anyway.
  9. Question, would you rather take a car that is rusty but nice and straight and replace cancered out panels, frame sections and bracing with new steel, or take a car that was punched in the ass and shows signs of tweaked frames, shock access holes that are taco'd out and misaligned panels and doors and straighten it out?
  10. I would rather fix rust since I have no experience with major collision work or the equipment to straighten bent frames but we could cut out the damaged area and replace it so I guess we could fix it.
  11. I was asking because with a straight car you can make a jig out of your dolly to keep things where they go. When stuff is bent it aint as easy because stuff aint where it goes. So it involves a lot more measuring and hammering and bending and forming, even just to get the new replacement parts to go on right.
  12. There was a little rust in the front frame rail which is made up of two pieces in that area. Brian cut it out and made a patch


    Than he ground it down than added the second patch


    Brian ground down the welds

  13. Brian had to do the same repair on the drivers side



    Brushed a lot of epoxy in the frame rails

  14. Today instead of rust repair Brian started making subframe connectors. We used 2x2 box tubing attached to the rear torque box and than welded to the rocker and than back to the front frame rails.




  15. I love my coupes and prefer to see as many survive as possible, but unless that car is something special I think far too much money is going to be spent saving it.
  16. Brian installed the left subframe connector. Next he will finish welding it to the rocker.



  17. So is the plan to use a convertible floor pan to rest on those connectors?
  18. Brian will modify the stock floor pans.
  19. So where is this Coupe going?

    Stock Restoration or Resto-Mod?
  20. A little of both