1966 289 A Not Starting

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  1. Baffled, my 289 A code - was breaking up slightly under a load. So I put in new plugs, wires, Rotor Cap/rotor, coil, new (replaced old one) Pertronix Ignition and a fuel filter and now the engine will not fire! I went over the firing order 1- 4 (Pass side) and 5 - 8 (driver side) and double checked correct wires onto rotor cap etc. And I checked carb...it's pumping fuel into the primary's

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

    Thank you,

    Rick 66 Vert
  2. Proper air gap on ignitor module?
    Does it backfire at all? Did you pull the distributor all the way out?
  3. No joy, 289 no fire, yes I gaped ignitor .030 as recommended, no backfire...engine turning over with no hint of trying to fire! Timing was checked prior to replacement of all new parts and it was right on!

    If able, please verify...standing at the front of engine, 1 -4 bank on my left - rotor has a clip at the 1:00 & 7:00 position.
    Starting with the 1:00 clip position, first plug hole (clockwise) #1, (marked on rotor cap), then # 8, 7, 3, (clip 7:00) 6, 2, 4, #5 ends up at 11:00 position on the cap. Is this the correct firing order?

  4. Yes the 1-4 pistons are on you passenger side... the firing order is 1,5,4,2,6,3,7,8.... It sounds like you are not getting any spark. So double check you connections and it could be a possibility that the coil isnt getting enough power.
  5. Thanks, it ended up being the coil and placing a 1/16 shim/rubber washer under the magnetic "donut" for the Pertronix Ignition!
    Yeah...got my Mustang back!

    Thank you for all the advice!!