1966 Bellhousing and 3 speed for sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by DJCarbine, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Gotten out of a 66 Coupe, It was my daily driver. The shifter handle needs a few bushings to work perfectly smooth, and the trans is a little loud in second gear. I drove it everyday for 2 years, so I am pretty sure the trans has a lot of good life left on it. Shifted smoothly, sometimes reverse would be a pain to get into when its cold. Bellhousing is in good condition, no cracks/stripped threads.

    The only issue with the trans that is in need of repair immediatly is a slightly stripped thread on the bottom where the trans mount bolts to. It will tighten up, but if you torque it too much it will strip. Helicoil or something should fix it.

    I am taking the trans out for a t-5 swap this summer around april, just trying to see what kinf of prices/trades I can get for it. I will also post the tag when I can get it (car is in winter storage about 50 miles away).


    When I took it out for clutch change, there was no excessive play that I remember. The trans is good if you want to bolt it in and drive it around for a bit, or if you want a good trans to simply change out the worn gear(s) and then go have fun with it. Does not pop out of gear, shifts fine.... 2nd is loud, but maybe thats just how it is?

    I am specifically looking for a seat of heads if you want to trade, or offer me some kind of cash amounts.


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