1966 Coupe - Been A While...

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  1. Well, its been quite a while since I have been on Stangnet. Finally, progress has been made with my project.

    First, a little history. My dad and I bought this 66 Coupe in 1994 and I have had it ever since. I drove it everyday for a few years and when I went to college, would drive it when I came home. My Dad would also drive it from time to time. It wasnt a trailer queen, but we enjoyed the car. In 2000, as a grad school graduation present (since i got a scholarship to pay for grad school) my Dad paid for a full engine rebuild. For about 5 years we enjoyed the new motor and drove it to local car shows and cruise-ins.

    Then, things changed. In 2005 we started having problems with the car. Nothing major, just normal 40 year old car stuff. Brake lines were wearing out, suspension was sagging, normal wear and tear. So at that point we decided to start improving the car. I worked with a retired mechanic/weekend racer, and he agreed to do all of the work needed as well as look over the body and do the required body work to get it ready for paint. He was in no hurry and neither was I, so for the next two years I ordered parts on top of parts; new suspension, all new steering components, disc brake conversion, export brace, monte carlo bar, new headers, mufflers, breather, valve covers, and a ton of small misc parts. He was making progress, when I got the call. Late in 2006 he had been complaining of health problems. In December he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and Died in Jan 2007. So his family put the car back together and brought it back to me in pieces. I am no mechanic. I can turn a wrench on small projects, but at the time, I didnt have the space or the time to do much with the car. It sat for about 3 years until I found a "friend of a friend" to do the remaining work, except for the body work. So, in 2010, this friend came and picked up the car and all of the parts. I knew that it would not be done immediately, since the friend had another full time job, but he felt that he could get it done in about 6 months. The car sat again for about 3 years until I finally decided that i had had enough and wanted the car back. I had been checking in with him monthly, either on the phone or in person. I got the same each time, very little progress and a whole lot of excuse. I will say, I paid him a little cash up front to get him started, but he never asked for any money while it was sitting in his shop. I am happy to say that Finally, after 7 years, the Mustang is back at home.
  2. you have more patients than i would. Nice looking car shouldnt take much to get it ready for paint.