1966 Coupe Brake Job

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  1. Hello, I have a mechanic who is restoring my mother's 1966 Mustang. He has suggested that I consider doing a conversion from 4-Piston Drum to Disc Brake.
    Please share any thoughts and recommendations about this to help me and my mother make a good choice, i.e. safety vs. originality...
    Stainless Steel Brakes A120D
    Front 4-Piston Drum to Disc Brake Conversion Kit
    Thank you.
  2. all for it .it would be a great improvement.another geat up grade is replace the single reservoir master cylinder with a duel reservoir master cylinder ,better and safer .
  3. Yes the dual bowl master cylinder prevents total brake loss if a brake line cracks or brakes. Much safer. And the disk brake conversion is also a big safety booster.
  4. converting to front disc brakes from drums is always a good idea, as you get better and more consistent stopping power. and the conversion to a dual bowl master cylinder is also an excellent idea.
  5. It's a no brainer. Upgrade to discs if you possibly can. Unless you are building strictly a show pony safety trumps originality every time. My advice is to shop selectively for your conversion kit. They aren't all the same. I was able to find a power disc kit with slotted rotors, 4 piston calipers, dual bowl master cylinder, proportioning valve, hoses and the works for around $900. Some non power kits cost that much. I not sure about the rules here for linking and such but if you want to pm me ill be glad to tell you where I got it.