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  1. I own a 1966 V/8 coupe. I would like to install shoulder/lap belt harness for the front AND rear. I know it can be done w/ some custom fabrication, esp for the rear seats. Currently I am looking at purchasing the sets available thru classic mustang part co's, like mustangsunlimited or mustangsplus. The cost for each set is close to $250.00, so I am looking at $500.00 for the front and rear. Has anyone used something else I might be able to find through a used parts company? I remember reading someone used retractable shoulder/lap seat belt systems from a Ford Bronco. I want to find something that would be more affordable, work correctly (safer than just the original lap belt), be retractable, and be available in standard black color? I am going to have a mustang restoration shop do the work and they understand these will require some custom work done, esp the rear set. I am not worried at all about what it might do the the value of the car, I just have two smaller children so I want them safer than what the original system might offer even though they are in the car for a small amt of time.

    Thank you
  2. Check out the seat belts from 87-93 Mustangs. That's what I'm gonna be putting in my '66 coupe eventually. Prolly gotta get a roll bar though.
  3. Hmmm… Glazier Nolan has 3-point belts for about $200/pr, which would save you $100 right there. All you need to do is add the anchors to the roofrail and Package tray for the shoulder.
  4. For those who have installed shoulder harness systems in a coupe, '65-68, how difficult is the install?
    Any links or help available on line? Any possible shops I can contact for information or assistance? I have seen info on installation for '67-68 model years but very little on '65-66's. Anything out there at all?
  5. I installed the 3 points in my 66 coupe but did not mount it to the roof. I mounted it to the door frame.

    The down side is in a wreck it can compress your back but it will save you from being impaled on the steering wheel or face planting into the dash.

    It was a very easy install and I bought the kit from Mustang Plus. Picture is from their website

    Good Luck and BE Safe

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  6. creedog,
    Check out this link:


  7. I have a 65 fastback, lap belts and have never had any real desire to install 3 point belts. Having said that I am playing devil's advocate here

    Has anyone actually tested the 3 point system added to a 65/6
    the structure was never designed to support a seat belt anchor during a crash. and if the retractable 3 point were to tear out of the upper mounting location then there would be less safety than the original lap belt only.

    I certainly agree with being as safe as is realistic. But could it be that the "upgrade" to 3 points is creating a false sense of security?
  8. I would say you would need to see if the upper roof mounting area for the 65/66 is any thinner than that of the 68/69 since that's when they started mounting to the roof area. I've never heard of a mount ripping through the steel above the door, the mounting plate is 1.5"H X 3"W and attached at 4 corners. This is where I plan to mount to in my '67 as opposed to the door post as I don't like my spine compressed as mentioned, the belt should not point at an angle below your shoulder.

    I plan to order belts that have the silver '60's style chrome lift lever buckle with no plastic. You can get them retractable in many colors and I'll have them add the upper 8" roof mount extension to put the pivot point just above my shoulder to get better positioning and comfort (avoid belt - neck rubbing). Here's the style/ site I'm looking at ~$75ea. but they're exactly what I'm looking for - 60's look:
    BEAMS Chrome Lift Lever Retractable Lap & Shoulder Belt

    Here's a link to someone who put trunk mounts in too ('67 but I'm sure '66 would be similar):
    Shoulder Seat Belts in a '67 Mustang
    Here's fronts in a '65:
    Seat Belts w/Shoulder harness
  9. i've had sholder belts for the longest time in my 65 coupe. one of the first things i did to it. i also did the door frame. i don't see the mounting location even getting weak.. and if it did.. hey look it's a 2 pt seat belt.. so how would it be less safe than a regular lap belt? that being said, the post for the 60 dollar peices looks good you will just need something to mount it with.

    i also have rear sholder belts, keeps my neice and nephew safe and in seat.
  10. The person playing Devil's advocate is saying that in the event that the shoulder bolt breaks the belt won't act as a 2 pt. It will have too much slack in it and act as nothing and you'll get thrown through the windshield.
  11. yes, golf is correct I'm saying in the event that it breaks away, there would be too much slack.

    And I'm not saying it won't work, I'm simply asking the question.
    Auto makers spend billions crash testing, and has anyone actually tested them. i would be shocked if the supplier of these kits would be prepared to accept liability if someone were hurt.
    As an example: I work for a Ford dealer, and for the last many years you can not even mount a child seat tether anchor in any place other than what is provided by Ford other wise there is HUGE liability.because they have only tested for those specific locations.
    I suspect that you are right, with the right backing plate for the mount it "probably" won't tear out in a collision, but is anyone willing to crash test their classic??



  12. Where are the mounting points for the rear shoulder belts? I figure to use the exsiting lap belt mounting points, but need 2 others for the shoulder belt itself. I figure to bolt the retractor to the rear fender well in the truck and come up through the package tray of my coupe. But where is the other mounting point?

    For the front shoulder belts, I just used the mounting location under the headliner that Ford left there more me.

    I'm working on a 67 Coupe. Thanks.
  13. Well I decided I am going to order the shoulder harness system for front/rear seats from CJ Pony parts. They have a good X-Mas discount going on now. I plan on mounting the fronts to the location under the headliner and have the shop weld in some extra bracing to strengthen that area. For the back I plan on mounting them to the rear-well area as I have seen that done before. Of course weld in some extra bracing for added strength as well. I picked up some SN95 front seats that I will cover in new black vinyl. I hope this all works well togther, that's the plan anyways. Thanks all!