1966 Coupe Wiring Question


New Member
Feb 13, 2020
So I own a 1966 Mustang Coupe(289 C code), and my console lights are not working at all. The same goes for my storage area light(I have the design with the light on the back wall), as well as the automatic shifter light.

I’ve used a test light to check for voltage in the blue/black wire that connects to the rear console lights, and apparently there is no power flowing to it. So I’m assuming the wire is disconnected.

I’ve checked a few wiring diagrams and from what I’ve gathered, the same wiring harness connects all of these lights. The wire goes in to the shifter hole, under the car, and in to the firewall(?)It then connects to the main disconnect? Can someone shed some light on this? I just want my lights working!
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