1966 Mustang 4 to 5 lug Conversion

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  1. What is need and done to convert the front 4 lug brakes to 5 lug. Which is easier to do a drum or disk brake conversion. In the rear all I need is a 5 lug rear end correct?
  2. yeah for the rear all ya need is a different rear that will bolt in unless you can cut and weld spring perches..... for the front i would recommend doing the granada swap at this time or any other swap either way you will need different spindles out
  3. Im trying to do a 5 lug conversion on my 65. This is my problem...
    I have a 65 and want to do the 5 lug conversion. I found a 67 donor car. Now if I take the complete front end off the 67 car, will this fit on the 65? Is the drag link bar on the 67 going to be to long? What else wont fit or have to be changed. I think the 67 frame is a little wider? Will their be enough room in the tie rod ends to compensate for this?
    Thanks any helpful info will be great.
  4. Plus 1 on the granada swap

    Its easy and cheap, you`ll still need to change your other steering components to V-8 ones however. And no I`m pretty sure 67 parts wont work on a 65.

    Call John at ORP, he planned mine for me, came out pretty nice. Just google Opentracker Racing Products.
  5. what you need to do a five lug conversion on a 65-66 mustang is a set of 65-66 V8 spindles, or a set of 67-79 spindles. at this point it is just as easy to convert to disc brakes as it is to stay with drum brakes. you will also need the change the outer tie rod ends as the V8 ones are larger the six cylinder ones. the 67 drag link is too long to use in the 66 car, and the control arms are enough different that they also cannot be used.
  6. I am doing this conversion as well, I just found new (to me) 66 V8 spindles and 5 lug manual drums. The guy wants $75.00 for the pair, is this a rreasonable price for all of it?

    I have new lower sway bar link ends, I am assuming I would need a beefier sway bar as well correct?

    Thanks for any help or list of specific items I need to replace!


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  7. Very good info here!!

    I'll add a bit to help Folks.

    Yes, the 65 66 C5DA V8 spindles, OR the 67-69 C6OA spindles will bolt on the K/H 4 Piston per caliper Disc brakes Ford installed on all 65 66 67 Mustangs with Disc brakes. All 67's had C6OA Spindles, Yes Everyone. Then the Drum brake 68 69's had C6OA Spindles 6 cylinder, or V8.

    The steering will all need to be V8 65 66 Mustang, All of the steering. The V8 Outer won't screw on the small 6 cylinder couplers.

    Dan @ Chockostang
  8. Best bang for the buck swap/kit that I've seen is from CSRP:

    64-66 Mustang Disc Brake Swap

    Your choice 1311 or 2311. I'm just getting ready to install the 2311 on a friend's 66 Vert and it is very complete. For your 4-lug to 5-lug swap all you will need is this kit, a 65-66 V8 (manual steering recommended) center/drag link, 65-66 V8 inner & outer V8 tie rod ends (with adjuster sleeves), 65-66 V8 idler arm/bracket and new hard brake lines or modify existing. The reason I recommend manual steering parts (even if you currently have power steering) is that when you get tired of manual or the crappy OEM power setup it is easier and more sanitary to install a Borgeson integral steering box with the manual steering parts. By the time you mix/match junkyard parts and trade master cylinder and calipers as cores for new and get new rotors, etc, etc, you will like spend about the same plus the added aggravation of chasing. This kit is everything you need.