1966 Mustang no rust repair but we are still going to cut it up

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  1. We will be starting a new project this nice 1966 Mustang. No rust repair but we are making it a restomod. We are waiting for the Rod & Custom coilover front suspension and rear disc brake kit to come in also Procar Elite seats.

    This is what we are starting with



    New 15" steel style wheels & BFG tires


    Flaming River tilt steering column and wheel

  2. That looks like a nice 66 minus the wheels. Eww. Great choice on the wheels for replacing them. What do you mean by cut it up? I hope you don't cut it up too much.
  3. Remove the shock towers and front strut rod supports.
  4. Might be a good candidate for a fastback conversion!
  5. Why are you removing the shock towers? Big block or mod motor?

    Why is it a good candidate for a fastback conversion? I would not eve consider doing that, its in too good of shape.
  6. The shock towers are being removed to install the Rod & Custom coilover front suspension with rack and pinon and disc brakes. Engine is a 289. We are not doing anything to the body at this time.
  7. Thank god. Don't cut the body up. I can't wait to see some pictures after your done with that part.
  8. Today I removed the front end. Next step remove the engine and trans.

  9. The engine was removed today we are waiting for the new suspension to come in before we cut out the shock towers. Getting ready to order an Edelbrock intake and a set of headers.

  10. Parts came in today from Rod & Custom



  11. Ready to cut out the shock towers


  12. Nice steering wheel!
  13. Today Brian cut out one shock tower


    The Pro Car seats came in today

  14. That looks like a nice seat.
  15. Shock tower is out on the drivers side. Next step cut out off the strut and sway bar brackets and clean up the area.

  16. Brian finished cutting, grinding, and wire wheeling now it is time to start installing the Rod & Custom crossmember.




  17. Brian finished welding the crossmember and than we fit the sway bar and he welded the bracket to the frame.

    Test fitting the suspension.




  18. Rusty,

    The work is looking good! Thanks for the pics and update.
  19. Looking good Rusty!
  20. Just wondering here, what tools did you use to get down to the shiny bare metal on your aprons? Was it a sanding flapper disc on an angle grinder and/or a wire wheel on an angle grinder?