1966 Mustang no rust repair but we are still going to cut it up

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  1. I got everything from Rod & Custom. We had a problem with the 15" wheels hitting the caliper so we have to use a spacer and the longer studs.
  2. Was the issue up front or in back?
  3. It seems to be only the back.
  4. Installing the front brakes and master cylinder



  5. disc brakes all the way around, coil over suspension, rack 'n pinion, you'll need those nice new seats to keep you from sliding out of your seat in the twisties, excellent work Rusty et al, is the engine gonna get a little somethin' semethin' too?
  6. Awesome!!!!!!!
  7. Man that sure looks good.
  8. Lot of taping to paint the dash



    Dashboard is now black


    Installed the rear seat and new rear speakers


    To keep the engine compartment clean we are running the wires outside the fender aprons. Brian drilled a couple of holes to hold the clamps and than used plastic clips that will be under the fender so you won't see anything.


  9. What kinda of rear seat upholstery is that?
  10. I ordered it from Jegs it is from Procar to match the Elite front seats.
  11. Apologies for backtracking a little bit, but how long can you leave the fender apron bare metal exposed like that before priming it?
  12. I depends on where you live. Dry climate no hurry high humidity right away.
  13. We finished the brake lines today




  14. Test fitting the Flaming River steering column and wheel


  15. Nice work. :nice: Are you relocating the Battery to the Trunk?
  16. No it will stay up front.
  17. We have the engine installed and are waiting for a set of headers. The first set we had would not clear the steering.


  18. Hey guys,
    I've been following your progress and the whole resto-mod is looking super. I couldn't help but notice, you have an early brown solenoid. Is this a 64.5 bodied resto?
    Just nit-picking your brain.
  19. No it is a 1966 and that was on the car when we started.
  20. Very sanitary! Can you use long tube headers for a Fox body or a Mustang II?
    And if I may also nit-pick, shouldn't there be a PCV valve instead of a breather on the right valve cover?