1966 Mustang no rust repair but we are still going to cut it up

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  1. It looks like a Mustang again.


    We are still waiting for a few parts to finish this project. The first set of headers did not clear the steering so we ordered a set for a fox body.
  2. That looks awesome!!! Very nice! Its nice to see a clean air filter instead of the ugly KN's.

    I love how the car looks stock. Maybe I missed it, what master cylinder is that?

    I thought fox body headers wouldn't work at all on classics? Was the interference at the back corner of the steering box?
  3. The master cylinder came from Rod & Custom.

    There is no steering box it hit the shaft going to the rack and pinon steering.
  4. I should have known that.
  5. Somebody asked how we routed the emergency brake cable that came with the disc brakes so I thought I would share. We used the original parts in the front (you have to remove the old cable and spread apart the u shaped bracket so the new cable will go in.


    We moved the brackets on the floor pan



    The cable is to long so you cut the ball off of one end and slip it through the new barrel end and tighten the bolt

  6. Since Flaming River at this time does not make a good mount at the firewall we had to make something to support the column.

  7. What headers did you end up using?
  8. BBK long tube for a Fox body

  9. Hi,

    I agree about F/R's firewall bracket being a little "cheesy". The tabs could have been a little more robust. But, in the end, I still used. TCP makes a nice bracket, I will add.
    Are you going to "tack" those tabs to the column?
  10. Those headers look awesome!
  11. It's tight but everything fits