1966 Mustang W/ Power Steering For Sale *local Only*

Discussion in 'Classic Mustangs For Sale' started by vulpesvelox, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. **Priced at 8.5k from my pal Ray at Mustang Brothers, San Bruno**
    Located in San Francisco, Ca.
    Selling my 66 mustang, yet again.
    Ran into some carb problems and finally got to fixing it, so tada!
    3-spd automatic, straight six
    Tons of new parts: tires, voltage regulator, resonator, gas tank alternator, ignition coil, distributor cap, etc etc.
    Just had the carb rebuilt last week! It's practically brand new now.
    Paint is warn but still looks good enough to get constant compliments
    Vinyl interior is impeccable
    Power steering
    43k on the odometer
    Brakes tuned in may (drum power brakes)
    6-cd changer/cassette player installed (casio?)
    Sony house speakers all around, amp bolted in the back
    And more!
    If you have any questions, feel free to
    MUST SEE/DRIVE to appreciate :)

    I'm asking for 7,000. Please, let's not waste mine or your time with low offers or other trades, they will not be considered.However, I am open to discuss the price.

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  2. Is San Bruno the location? Where is that? You may want to consider listing this in the regional classifieds if you're shooting for a local sale.
  3. Hey Noobz,
    Thanks for pointing that out! I should have clearly stated that it is in San Francisco California, or near. I just made My account and didn't really see a regional classifieds? If you can direct me there, however, I'll be grateful!

    Thank you, again!
  5. My bad... It appears that the regional classifieds were closed down. You gave me some more ideas for forum tags though. :nice:
  6. Haha sweet! Maybe in return, you can redirect me to someone who might want to buy this pretty lady :)
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