1966 Resto Mod Under Way

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  1. Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I currently have a 1966 fastback with a 1989 302 in it. A little back story... 10 years ago we replaced the motor that was in it when I purchased it, drove it around with no issues. Then I got a little wild and decided to change out the cam. We also changed the intake, carb, and got rid of points. Right after all this I was no longer getting any oil pressure. Changed the oil pump, pickup, sending unit and gauges. Still no luck. My car has been sitting long enough and I'm ready to start tackling the issues now but the main issue is this motor. I'm looking for any thoughts on where I might have gone wrong. Im not sure if this is the proper forum for my problem so if it is please direct me elsewhere. Thanks!
  2. notice any burning oil? white ish smoke in the exhaust is a sign. antifreeze or gas in the oil?? may be getting leaks into the oil from a cracked gasket.
    Are you running a mechanical oil gauge? a Sunpro mechanical OP gauge is a good bet right after a freshening up, better than the electric gauges
    could be bad bearings in the engine, the worn bearings have wider tolerances so more oil flows through. might have damaged crank bearings and running it fresh just exasperated the issue.
  3. Did the oil pump drive come out with the original distributor ?Did you put it back?