1966 restoration / resto-mod

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  1. Thanks for the comments. It has been a long time coming and I am ready to start enjoying it for sure.

    I have to change the front tires and its go time. The 235x50x17's that are on there rub on the drivers side. I ordered up some 225x45's and I should be alright.
  2. In general, i'm not in love with a black paintjob, but your car is beautiful. Modern stuff and the vintage gt350 stuff blends seamlessly.
  3. I have the same basic opinion on black cars. It is a love or hate thing with me. I would have never painted it black unless I was going to go with the GT350 take-offs and the stripes. They do not show up in the photos as much as they do in person. They don't stand out but have the affect that I was looking for. They are there, but are not the focus of the car.
  4. How come the exhaust pips are so low though. Can't they be a bit higher? I'm also curious what your exhaust setup looks like, have a pic?
  5. The exhaust is lower than I would like, however, the pic is in the grass so it does make it appear a little lower than it is. The exhaust is also just attached to the headers right now, with no brackets. When the brackets are installed it will raise about another 1/2 in inch.
    The real reason that it is going to be a little lower than I would like is because of the Global West sub-frame connectors. The pipe had to go under the connector right at the frame rail. The pipe is notched at this point, but it still makes the exit about a 1/2 inch lower than I would like. Something I will have to get used to. The only other option are dumps.

    The exhaust is 3 inches all the ways through with a H pipe and bullet race mufflers. I will see if I can get one last pic with the car on the lift.
  6. Thats cool, I bet it sounds great. I would not go with dumps. Keep it like it is.
  7. I look to shoot a video of the car next week. Will post as well.
  8. I'm curious why you felt the need to go with 3 inch duals. Is it going to be equiped with a super/turbo charger?
  9. Recommended by my builder... No forced induction. The motor is prob around 10.5 to 1 compression. Maybe a little spray down the road but thats it. The motor should pull quite well as it is.
  10. Some "finished" Pics. Also changed a few things under the hood. Powdercoated the valve covers black and got an oval air cleaner. Like the look much better. Could not get the water marks out of the chrome air cleaner or the valve covers for the life of me.

    Have put about sixty miles on it. Still resolving some little things here and there. Carb issues as well, however, I believe that has been solved.


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  15. The car sits a little lower than it is in the pics. The passenger side actually rubs on deep bumps at speed. Hope to just enjoy and wash it for now.
  16. Nice car; diggin' the cage, the powder-coated V/C's and the overall color scheme. With the car's history in your family, and the way she sits in these photos; I'm hearing an AC/DC song in my mind.
  17. You hit that one right on the head.... squeezed between George Thorogood, ZZ Top, and Foghat....
  18. The only problem is, the car is so loud, you cant really even hear the stereo. But that is a good problem (as far as I am concerned). Down the road, maybe I will quite her down and pay attention to the tunes again.