1966 restoration / resto-mod

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  1. you just need bigger amps, speakers that can handle them, and a sub-woofer in the trunk......:D
  2. Those valve covers look cool. I would rather have the ones that match the air cleaner though.

    I am really liking that hood.

    I just noticed the shifter and really like it.

    AC/DC back in black.
  3. I like those and considered them as well. But, the last show that I went to, three 65-66's in a row had the matching oval cleaner and valve covers. Again, I like the look, but decided to have something a little different. Might color the Ford emblem in the valve covers red to match the wires, or silver to match the ridges on the cleaner. Not sure, but are going to leave it that way for now.
  4. Some close up shots... I will try and shoot a vid of the car this weekend.




  5. what do u think the whole resto cost you.. very jealous and wish i went down the same path you did
  6. Tricky question. Much of the car was in place from the 90's when I did the work myself...ie the disc brakes all the way around and the 9 inch. I converted the car to a 4 speed top loader. So I had some of those parts as well. There are some other examples that slip my mind, but it kept me from buying some of the parts and only having to refurbish/clean them up.

    The motor (used my block) cost about six grand... stroker kit, aluminum heads, custom headers...including parts/labor.

    Trans is a T5 out of a 93 Cobra...used 800.

    I could go on and on, but it really makes a diff if you are buying new or used and how radical you want to get with the suspension, brakes, motor, etc. What condition car you are starting with, and who is doing the work. I chose to have someone else (professional) do the majority of the work. I safely have about 30,000 in the car as it sits. I have it insured for 35,000.
  7. For those who are atill interested, I dyno'd and tuned the car this weekend. Made 390 hp / 420 tq to the wheels. Means about 450 hp to the crank, which is what my builder told me when he built it. It pulled / made power to 6400 rpms @ 36 degrees total timing. I am running a 650 dbl pumper on there now, and the engine wants more. A 750 will give it 25-30 more hp and another 500 rpms. Something to do down the road.

    The good part is that the air / fuel mix was good and I can beat on her now with confidence.
  8. That is one awesome looking car, any close up pics of front valance/hood? I bought the same lower valance with cutouts for bumper and am planning to get the gt350 hood but wondered if i can keep the hood latch along with using hood pins.
  9. I'm very jealous, that's an awesome meticulous build and the years it took have paid off in spades...:jaw:

    Glad you posted some dyno numbers, I had a similar build done with my stock 289 - stroked to 333ci, 9.7:1, AFR165's, etc. and hope to get within 10% of your numbers. Everyone told me to get a roller block but I wanted the nostalgia of having my original hyd. flat tappet in there and making power in the upper RPM's vs. running out at 5k.

    It's the same with me seeing the same thing at cruise ins/car shows but the majority of cars have roller's and EFI, I think original engines and carbs. are becoming a rarity now. I'll be referring to your pics for ideas as I put my '67 back together.
  10. I will be back home sunday and will take some other pics of the front valance. I changed the exhaust too. It was just too freaking loud. I am all about a good sounding / loud thumping car, but it was just too much. It is still three inches and dumps just in front of the rear. The sound is ten fold better.
    I also went ahead and changed to a 750 carb. Will be going to an electric fan as well. Will dyno again and see if I breached the 400 mark.
    420 would be good. Good to hear you are staying carbed. Def the right choice. Yes, you are limited with your tuning...... but the old school way of jetting the garb, setting the timing and letting her rip is the way I prefer.

  11. Thank you for the pics. Awesome build. I love the smokey stripes and smooth bumpers. Im sure it runs as good as it looks.
  12. Thanks.

    The stripes are actually the same black that is on the car with metal flake added.At night the are all but invisible, then they are just right during the day.

    The car is running great now. Took a few weeks to get everything right and find out where she likes to run the timing and getting the carb right. I still look to eventually shoot a short vid and post.
  13. This is an amazing build. It is done so tastefully. I love the rollcage and the paint. Cangrats.