1966 Sprint Help

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  1. Help! National Parts Depot screwed me. So here I am. Started getting my 66 Sprint 6 cyl ready for spring and found a hole in radiator. Now too many parts later and having to retrofit a few things I am still behind the 8 ball. I cracked the thermostat housing and ordered one from NPD. the holes were close, but could not get lined up. In addition it looked like a cheap knock off and not like the stock one I cracked. Where can I find and OEM replacement? Now with the new radiator I am in need of the two fittings that go into the bottom for the transmission lines. Ok now last one. is the fitting for the transmission line that goes to the back of the transmission. Final question who is a better supplier the NPD?
  2. I have used many parts vendors I the rebuild of my 69 and they are my preferred supplier. All vendors have their strengths and weaknesses so it is really a matter of opinion on who is best. NPD gets it right most of the time and when they don't they are more than willing to exchange or refund. At least that's been my experience. So my advice is to shop around and find one you are happy with.