SOLD 1967 Convert. 68 Shelby Replica.

Discussion in 'Classic Mustangs For Sale' started by horse sence, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. this is a real 1967 convertible ,completely rotisserie restored as a 68 Shelby replica .
    Acapulco Blue Stang-Aholics fiberglass with Deluxe saddle interior. needs minor trim installation to be finished/hood locks, latch , trim panels,ect.
    Shelby 10 spokes with new tires, partial parts list listed below .this will make some one a very sweet ride
    $27,719. in parts alone
    $10,000 . + in labor
    $37,719 or best offer.
    Jack Green .Visalia Calif. 559 -734-1051 or Brian Green cell#559-737-8600 also in Visalia Calif.
    here is a link to more pictures 68.jpg 68  no.6.jpg Canon%20Picture%2008-19-08%20016.jpg Canon%20Picture%2008-19-08%20020.jpg Canon%20Picture%2008-25-08%20011.jpg
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  2. just wanted to let every one know ,the pics i posted do not show the headlights or the top on the car but they are. i will try to get more pics .and the roll bar and trim panels will be installed very soon
  3. horse sence, is this your work?.
    Do you know what it needs for completion?.
  4. i did the quarters ,fit the fenders and all the fiberglass .Jack is in the process of finishing up the engine compartment ,hooking up all the hoses and firing it up.
    we are going to fit the Shelby roll bar either this weekend or the first of the week, soon as Jack can get it back to me. it will be a complete car very soon. a friend of Jacks painted it and did a beautiful job of it, i believe in PPG paint .
  5. ^^^This^^^ is how you make an ad! :nice:
  6. ah shucks, you are only saying that :oops: .....CAUSE IT'S TRUE !:spot:
  7. just adding a few pics . i will be installing the roll bar Friday.oh ,it runs now. _MG_4078.JPG _MG_4088.JPG _MG_4080.JPG _MG_4082.JPG _MG_4084.JPG
  8. i got the roll bar welded in Friday .Jack and Brian are finishing the rest of the interior _MG_4096.JPG _MG_4097.JPG
  9. awesome car horse sence, really great job. wow :D i love the newer mustangs too but there is nothing like the simplicity of classic cars :D
  10. Any updates on this?.
  11. @FEP REJECT ,i will check with Jack .it should be finished by now .
  12. I talked to Jack yesterday, he said he just has to put in the window crank handles
    and the car is finished . He will email some pics and i will up date them soon as i get them .
  13. I'd wondered why Santa hadn't left it in my driveway. :chin
  14. You musta been a baaaad boy Lou! costello.jpg
  15. Bryan added new pics to his link in my first post ,The back seat and surrounding area is done .
    the console is in, door panels should be on now but i didn't see any pics yet. It is really looking sweet with saddle interior.
  16. Here is a link to the complete photo album of the restoration of this car.
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  17. Hey Brian ,Welcome to Stangnet.
    Anyone with any questions about this car ,this is the guy to ask.
    i saw the pics and it is beautiful .You and your dad did a great job on this one:nice:
  18. Thanks! The car is basically finished now. Priced accordingly at $45,000
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