1967 Coupe Restomod F/S

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by sambandit, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. 1967 Restomod Custom Coupe


    Custom Paint and Bodywork
    Shelby Style Hood and Deck Lid
    1967 Shelby Taillights
    Flip Open Gas Cap
    Shelby Side Scoops
    PIAA Fog Lights
    Clear Headlights With Blue Bulbs
    18x9, 18x10 Chrome Bullet Wheels
    275x35 and 295x35 Toyo Tires


    Autometer Phantom White Face Gauges
    Shelby Style Wood Grain Steering Wheel
    TCP Aluminum Pedals
    Original Style Shifter
    Over The Shoulder Retractable Seat Belts
    Alpine CD Player and Speakers
    Hidden Antenna


    Fuel Injected 5.0 Crate Motor
    E-303 Cam
    Vortec SQ SC with Aftercooler
    GT-40 Intake
    Windsor Fox Export Brace
    JBA Shorty Headers, Mandrel Bent Exhaust System
    Cobra Computer, Ron Morris Harness


    TCP Rack and Pinion
    TCP Subframe Connectors With Cage
    Tremec 3550 5 Speed
    Ford 9 Inch, Detroit Locker, 3.50 Gears
    JMC Hydraulic Clutch
    Shelby Under Ride Traction Bars
    4 Wheel Disc Brakes, CNC Dual Side by Side Master Cylinder

    Looking for $40,000 OBO....

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  2. bump for a great looking car:nice:
  3. Thanks alot, I have also repriced it recently are I need to get rid of it. First $30k takes it home.....
  4. Sweet ride!
    I've got 1 car too many but a potential buyer coming wednesday to look at my Riviera. If he bites you're on!
  5. could I get some engine shots and some shots from underneath? (and any other pics you have)

    What kind of gas mileage are you getting with this car?

    [email protected]
  6. Sorry, dont visit this forum often. I can get you any pics you want. I also have a lift here at the house, so I'll have to get the car up on it to snap some pics... It was not rotessiere restored so it isnt brand new underneath, but it looks great never-the-less. Definately was made to drive, not to sit. Not sure of the fuel economy, but being fuel injected and computer controlled, it's optomized for sure. I am sure keeping your foot outta it a decent amount, 20 mpg would be no problem.
  7. sorry man, I ended up buying something else.
  8. That car is beautiful!

    If i didn't just buy an 88 saleen to restore i wouyld have been all over it!
  9. Thanks for the kind words! This definately is not the best time of the year to try to sell a car like this....lol
  10. Free bump...I was thinking 40 was a bit high, but 30 sounds like a heckuva deal. I'm sure you have well over that into her, she'll make someone very happy I am sure!
  11. Thanks for the bump..... yeah, added up the receipts recently and came up with almost $60k, dont know how it adds up so quick....lol
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