Build Thread 1967 Dynacorn Fastback

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  1. In this build I will show the good and bad features of building a Dynacorn body.

    My customer has wanted a Fastback Mustang for a long time but could not find a good body that did not require a lot of rust repair so he decided to buy a 1967 Dynacorn body. He started calling around and could not find a body back in January. He called Dynacorn and they told him they had no idea when they would get one in. He was getting discouraged and had to go back to work where he works 10 weeks and than is off 10 weeks. When he got back in town he started checking around and still nobody had one. He found a project that was never started that came with a lot of extra parts so he bought it.


    Some of the good points are the shock tower braces, extra welding in the engine compartment and a lot more spot welds and the export brace



    Another good feature is the one piece seat riser.


    I have never seen an after market valance fit this good but it is bolted together instead of screws.

  2. a friend of mine did one a while ago after paint and body work went to put the windshield in and discovered the opening was cocked ,dont know if they fixed that yet so i would ckeck that first thing. managed to push it over with a portapower with rubber ends with no dammage, just a heads up . Jim
  3. I guess we won't really be able to call you "Rusty" on this one.:rlaugh:Seriously though, It's nice to see you and Brian getting to work on something that isn't a rot box/rust bucket. By the way, any more pics of that gorgeous green Shelby fastback you were doing? Is it done, or in wating mode?
  4. We have not had the time to work on this yet but have an issue with the door gaps. This is what we found so far:

    The hood bumper brackets are not straight



    Dynacorn does not spot weld the quarters they are plug welded and than they ground the welds to much.

  5. I was always curious how the construction was on these, glad to see you're taking the time to show us all!
  6. The door and trunk bolts are metric


    We thought at first they had metric threads but they are the same as all Mustangs so I changed them. Notice there is no ecoat under the fender brace. We will be sanding the complete body and spraying 2 coats of SPI epoxy.

  7. Metric heads on SAE bolts!:mad: There oughta be a F---ing law! I've experienced that kind of crap before and it just plain pisses me off. The one that got me the most was 2 seemingly identical rear wheel cylinders, both from the same company with the same part numbers, SAE threads for the bolts, standard brake line. One of them took a regular 5/16" wrench for the bleeder and the other needed a 10mm metric wrench!:nonono:
  8. what gets me is there is usualy one size metric bolt that is used but there
    is about 3 different head sizes for the same bolt ,give me good old US. standard please
    never have to guess at what size it is
  9. The owner sanded and I epoxy primed the narrowed Fab 9 rear end that came with the car

  10. Installing the TCP subframe connectors. The minimum clearance between the factory frame rail where the subframe connectors attach in the front is 27 1/8" the Dynacorn body was 27 1/2" so were were okay.





    Once we had them welded in place we went to test fit the center brace and it would not fit in the back. Dynacorn welded the frame rails in the wrong place. The distance between the frame rails is 1/2" narrower than stock spec in the front and 1/4" in the rear behind the shackle mounts. We will have to modify the TCP center brace.
  11. the brace for the rear shocks must be a little narrower as well ,or are the rails bowed?
    did you check to see how square it is ? just curious. cant see any unusual gaps in the pics,are the rails primed inside the last pic looks like there not,or is it just from welding?
  12. You can see were the pinch weld on the rocker is bowed in where it is welded to the rear torque box.
    Just like Ford bare metal.
  13. The snubber brackets are not mounted in the same place on the frame rail so Brian removed them so we could install the cradle for the TCP rear suspension.



    Cradle bolted and welded in place


  14. kind of like they just guess at some things , very clean job welding the cradle and brackets looks great
  15. The cradle is supposed to bolt to the pinnon snubber mount but there was no holes and it was off center a little.


    Brian welded a bracket


    Brian decided to improving the welding a little




    They welded the other side

  16. i always weld them to all the way around ,just for added strength. makes it a pain if you ever need to replace it but thats ok.
    the cradle welded in is probably beter any way .more ridgid
  17. Test fitting the TCP front and rear suspension with Wilwood brakes




  18. i had to replace a right and left spring tower in a 65 fast back ,used dynacorn towers the complet ones,the pass side went right on no prob but i had to drill apart the drivers side ,the lower controll arm mount was welded in an upward angle and would not go over the frame rail ,even so i still prefer dynacorn parts ,just seem to be beter made .seems like if they are bought in individual pieces they will fit beter than there assembled pieces
  19. If only the doors, fenders & hood fit like this.