Build Thread 1967 Dynacorn Fastback

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  1. The deck lid fit great but the doors, fenders and hood are another story.

    Once the fender apron holes were modified to get the fender back so there was not a large gap at the windshield and front of the hood there was not enough gap at the door.


    The hood is to wide at the back and will need to be trimmed


  2. Is it just me, or do you have the 69-70 size shifter hole in that floor?
  3. I could swear I replied to this earlier today? (EDIT: Ahhh, wrong forum)

    Anyway, it looks like the front of that fender could be low causing the door gap to be wonky, is the bottom of the fender sitting right once you get it twisted around right because it looks like its running uphill toward the door?
    I am curious if the aprons are at the correct height to support the fender without a bunch of shims under them? If that rad support is low I could see the fender doing that.
  4. It just looks like that in the picture the fender is not bolted at the bottom.
  5. have you tried the wind shield yet? the one we did you couldnt tell the windshield opening was cocked untill we tried to install the stainless trim, then it realy stood out.
    the roof leaned to the pass side ,about 3/8 inch.
  6. Brian had to grind and add material to the door


    After grinding


    He also had to do the same to the front


  7. The left vent window would not fit so Brian had to drill out the spot welds and bend the sheetmetal a little to allow the vent window to go in.


    The bracket on the inside of the door where the bottom of the vent window attaches was in the wrong place and had to be moved

  8. Brian had to narrow the hood than weld a strip on the back side



  9. The windshield fit but it has a defect and needs to be replaced.
  10. We went to install the brake pedal and steering column bracket and it would not fit. The dash was installed wrong and had to be moved toward the firewall the bracket was 1" to short from lining up. We compared the distance from the dash to the firewall on my 68 Coupe to determine the dash was in wrong.

  11. Something fits with just a little modification

    The taillights fit after trimming the rubber seal a little


    Once the holes on the fenders were elongated the headlight buckets fit


    The amazing thing was after all the work on the door gaps the edge of the hood lined up with both headlight buckets from CJ Pony Parts. The Dynacorn headlight buckets have been on back order for over a month and I was told probably another two months before they would be available so we got them from CJ's. They are a little ripply and will require some blocking but they fit.

  12. Doing some nice work there. I dig this shot, especially that banner in the background. :)

    Just a quick comment here. The above statement is incorrect. Our instruction sheets explicitly state that the brackets are to be welded with 1" long stitch welds spaced 1" apart.

    I'm not calling you out, your first fastback conversions have been awesome, but I needed to comment on that for anyone who might read it in the future.
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  13. not a problem thats what we are here for , to learn :nice:
  14. Awesome! :SN:

    The reason we don't recommend welding all the way around is because the factory subframe rails can get overheated and become brittle. Stitch welding provides more than enough of a bond and spreads the stresses more evenly.
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  15. its actually realy nice you guys are taking the time to post on stang net most companies just dont take the time. glad your here :nice:
  16. i love what you guys are doing here!!!! gives me the itch to go and work on mine... if only i had money to buy the parts to work on it....
  17. One day I would love to do a ground-up build the way you are doing it here. Looks fantastic! Keep up the good work.
  18. We have been working on a couple of things I can't show at this time. A modified lower front valance and a future story in Modified Mustangs & Fords magazine showing a period correct looking hood latch with an under the dash hood release.

    But I can show this





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  19. This is what Brian has been fabricating. It is an under the dash hood release. The hood required a lot of fabrication along with this latch that came off of another Ford. To find out all the details you will have to read the build story in an upcoming issue of Modified Mustangs & Fords magazine.


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  20. That does seem to fit fine, I wish my 65 fit as well and its an oe decklid. I need to slice it this winter and see if I can get the gaps looking better.