1967 Fairlane forum?

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  1. Hi, I just took delivery of a 1967 Fairlane GTA. It is the one with the 390 FE engine and the C6 transmission. There were only about 2100 convertible GTAs made.

    I know this forum is focused on Mustangs, but I'm thinking you guys might be able to point me to a good forum for fairlanes ... any thoughts?


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  2. Last night, I was Googling up stuff on the 428 CJ & SCJ for something I was doing on another Forum; and came across: http://fordfairlane.com (no not the crappy Andrew Dice Clay movie!). Their forum seems to be down at the moment; but there's a lot of other good stuff on there.
  3. thanks ... i'll check them out
  4. Here are a couple

    :nice: Nice looking car BTW - I really like those 66 - 67 Fairlanes
    Check out Woody's

    Check this out - Fairlane Club

    There used to be a 7 litre Fairlane site dedicated to the big block cars, but I can't find it right now - If I run across it I will post the link.
  5. Chris, nice to see you branching out from 94-95 tech :D