1967 Fastback Vin Plate With No Axle Number?

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  1. hello everyone , i am new to the forum and need to ask a question about a mustang im looking at, this mustang is a 1967 fastback frost turquoise with aqua interior , numbers matching , (hard to believe this ) but it has 22k original miles , 289 v8 2v 3 speed manual , the vin is matching to all of this BUT the axle section is empty ??? can someone explain this to me? thanks guys. have a great day .
  2. Please help
  3. is the number just stamped way off to the side?
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  4. aha it is , cause the trans number is 1 , which means it is a three speed , and the axle number is a 6 , thanks so much for the help @horse sence
  5. i have seen it before on my own car