Expired 1967 Gt350 Clone For Sale

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  1. Hate to do it but I need to sell my car to help buy a new house. Car is a two-owner car I purchased from the original owner in '01. She was a '93 year old woman who purchased the car on Dec, 31 1968 and it was garaged every single nite until she moved into a retirement home a year before I bought it. To say the car was nice when I bought it is an understatement. Rust-free, damage free, the floors and wiring look like brand new. The car was a low-option, nothing special '68 fastback with originally equipped with a 2bbl 289, C4 like a zillion others with the exception of having a bench seat, which it still has. I bought the car with the intention of building a Shelby clone and since it wasn't some super-rare car, I feel it's justified that I didn't kill some piece of Mustang history. I completely disassembled the car lat in '02 and finished it in late '08 and have build pictures to show the car is what I claim under the paint. Having said that, here's the particulars:
    repro '67 Shelby fiberglass massaged to a perfect fit with very minimal filler. Fits better than any original I've ever seen, plus has every single exterior Shelby part, this is NOT a stripes-only clone!
    body stripped to bare metal, then blocked and painted with top-quality House of Kolor products, door jambs and engine bay included. Even though it's white, it looks a mile deep and very wet.
    Tuff Dawg Racing Engines 306 ci small block with 351w heads, Comp Cam, lifters, pushrods, roller rockers and springs, coated tri-y headers Pertronix-converted factory dual point.
    WC T5 trans and hydraulic clutch with new clutch, pressure plate, etc and flywheel modified for early engine.
    3.40 gears in stock rear axle for perfect ratio for both in town and freeway driving.
    All-new interior, quality TMI complete upholstery kit, plus Alpine CD player, Shelby-type wooden wheel with GT350 horn button and custom-made CNC machined GT350 shift handle. Note that the factory trap door was NOT cut up for speakers, nor was anything else.
    Car is very low but rides great thanks to dropped A-arms, cut front springs, 5-leaf rears, new GR2 shocks all around and a 1" sway bar front and an adjustable 3/4 bar on the rear. Handles very nicely in the corners and rides extremely well. The car has been finished since '08 but only has about 1800 miles since it was done, engine isn't even really broken in yet. It doesn't leak oil or do anything weird, but there's a couple minor things that need attention, like the drivers window needs to be adjusted and I wish I'd painted the rear end when I had it out. But other than that it's ready to go to a new owner who appreciates it. Here's a few pics, I'll post more if there's anything someone wants to see. If I don't get a lot of interest here, I'll list it on ebay within the next week or so, thanks for looking! $37,000
  2. Whaaaaaaaat:jaw: Are you really going to sell it ?
  3. Not an easy choice at all. But since we're moving and keeping our house in California as a rental, I need to come up with a decent down payment for a new house, so my '68 and my wife's '69 Corvette are both up for sale. That's the bad news. The good news is I make more money so hopefully in a year or so I can find something else to build. Unfortunately I know full well I'll never find another fastback with this good of a body, and to make matters worse I took it for a drive yesterday and it'll probably be the last one since I don't want anything to happen to it right now.
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  4. How much, have you sold it yet, are there any interior pics?
  5. Still have it, price is $37,000. I work out of state and will post some interior pics when I get home on Monday. Jim
  6. Ok thank you
  7. have some questions about the car. can you call me at 925-989-1520 mark
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