1967 Mustang Fastback for sale

Discussion in 'Classic Mustangs For Sale' started by Seattle67Fstbck, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Baby on the way = need a more family friendly car :(
    So I turn to you gentlemen, as I would rather see this car taken care of properly and not lowered to the ground / a huge spoiler put on the back!
    It's a 67 Fastback C code with original 289 V8 motor and C4 transmission. Deluxe interior (polished aluminum I believe) with middle and upper console.
    Intake + Carb were replaced with a 4 barrel + matching intake
    Exhaust manifolds were replaced with shorty headers and true duels back to spintech mufflers.
    American racing polished Torque Trust D wheels

    Anybody interested / have any suggestions?

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  2. Orz :eek: don't sell that, specially in this crappy market/economy. Is it paid for? If so just store it and go buy a hundai (sp).

    Better yet get a hold of Saleenster on here and have him find you a car. He found me a nice blue 1998 Honda Accord EX 4 door for $3600 at an auto auction, I use it as my DD in this crappy weather or when we take long trips and dont want to drive the V-8 SUV. Just tell him what your budget is and what you are looking for.

    Sexy car btw! :nice:

  3. Wish I could just store it!
    Just don't have the space or time required to keep it up!
    Definitely want to find the right buyer though and am open to listening to offers from anybody on stangnet (upstanding group of fellas on here).
  4. What is your asking price?
  5. Don't have a specific price in mind, but I'd think somewhere in the 15-20k range?
    Like I said, open for offers-
  6. Im extremely interested but unfortunately I think its a bit out of reach for me at this point. Nice car though.
  7. Interested

    I'm definitely interested in learning more about this car. I'm in Bellevue. How should we get in touch?

  8. Dave-
    I dropped you a PM with my contact info-
    Let me know if you don't receive it
  9. Great car, any other pics? Any more info: I am going on my 6th year of restoring my 67 Coupe. All new floors, both quarters, new tail panel, all new wiring, suspension, disc break upgrade. $15 - $20K would be a great price if the body is solid and good paint.
  10. a car worth that much and no where to store it? :shrug: ummmmmm ok? looks like you have it in a 2 car garage? but a bigger or whatever kinda car your looking for leave this in the garage covered. go out every so often drive it around the block and call it good!and leave the car your looking to buy outside all the time. but maybe saleenster can find you a home for it also instead of finding you a car? cory is a good guy and will (i'm sure) find a good respectfull owner for you! good luck. peace

  11. Just had our baby boy, so this seller just became a motivated seller! Please let me know if you are interested!

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  12. Saleen-
    Just emailed you!
  13. Nice car, I have to chime in though, as much as it sucks, rite now is not a good time to sell a car like that, I've had a 4x4 Tacoma for sale for more than 9 months!, and it's a rig that fairly easy to get a loan on, In all reallity if you can find a way to hold on to the stang I'd try to make it happen, especially if you own it out right, or at lease wait tell the market gets a little better ( hopefully soon). good luck with the sale though, Nice car!
  14. 67

    I am in the market for a 67fb with deluxe int. Please email me your info and i will call tonight or tomorrow.Thanks
  15. If anybosy know how to get ahold of this guy let me know. Im interested. Thanks
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