1967 Mustang Fastback, Needs Final Completion, Northwest

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  1. *** SOLD *** Thanks for your comments.

    Because of medical issues, I am unable to complete this restoration. The serious work has been done; it now needs glass (included), seats (included) and interior.
    VIN: 7R01C114xxx
    Licensed and insured, Washington.

    What has been completed:
    - professionally-built 351 Windsor (new bearings, resurfaced, cylinders honed, rings mild cam, turned crank, push rods, stainless bolt set). Piston Service, Anacortes, WA
    - Trick Flow aluminum heads
    - T-5 Borg-Warner 5-speed, rebuilt to "Z" specs
    - Edelbrock 1405 carb, Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock valve covers
    - Hedman headers, Jet Hot ceramic coating (in and out)
    - March aluminum pulley system
    - Ron Morris adjustable motor mounts
    - 3-row aluminum radiator
    - delta-40 Magnaflow exhaust system
    - shock tower brace, Laurel Mountain Mustang
    - custom drive shaft
    - rebuilt 8 inch, 3.55 differential

    - QA-1 coilovers (front)
    - 165 leaf springs (rear)
    - frpnt and rear anti-roll bars
    - KYB shocks (rear)
    - Direct Fit power disc brakes, front and rear, Ford components
    - Randall's Rack power rack and pinion steering
    - American Racing Torq-Thrust wheels, 15x7
    - custom center caps, recessed to clear bearing caps
    - Goodyear Eagle GT 215/65R-15

    - Coupe to Fastback conversion utilizing Dynacorn panels, Drake Customs, Lake Havasu, AZ
    - engine compartment, interior and chassis media blasted and painted (black)
    - Mustang Grabber Blue paint/clearcoat with twin white stripes, Seaside Paint and Body, Anacortes, WA
    - new bumpers, brackets, trim, lenses
    - custom aluminum grille, black powdercoat, Billet Art
    - 8 gallon tank, 3/8th steel fuel line
    - recovered front seats, new foam
    - Optima red top battery

    This is an incomplete restoration but is certainly not a "project." The car runs and drives. It was backed out of the garage (for pictures) under its own power. A word about the pictures: They were taken with a small digital camers (Nikon Coolpix) and the color appears washed out on the sunny side. On the shaded side (e.g. left- rear picture) the color is accurately represented. The paint is new and has never been outside except for the picture session. The car was found on an Indian reservation and was completely cannibalized (no drivetrain, suspension or interior). All the parts were purchased for the recreation. The car was almost completely rust free. Some rust was found unter the dash pad. Sadly, as most know, 60's mustangs are often thoroughly rusted.

    Some of the parts that were acquired for this restoration are included: New=N, used=U.
    - windshield and rubber (N)
    - rear window and rubber (N)
    - side glass and frame, includes windwings (N)
    - front seats, newly recovered with new foam (U)
    - rear fold-down seat, nice condition but trim painted black (no idea why) (U)
    - instrument cluster (U)
    - heater/defroster controls and cables, (U) but new knobs
    - left ventilation box with cable (U)
    - trapdoor and hardware (N)
    - trapdoor and rear seat latches (N)
    - door handles (N)
    - upper and lower rear interior panels (U), need paint
    - dash cover (N)
    - glove box door and hardware, (U) new paint
    - glove box interior (N)
    - oil temp, water temp, oil pressure instruments (N)
    - radio-delete console for instruments (N), (oil pres and water temp temporarily located in engine compartment
    - mini-tachometer (N), goes in place of clock
    - Grant steering wheel and hub (N)
    - California Customs car cover (N)

    I have receipts for $44,000 (car, conversion, engine, parts, paint). That's what it would cost to duplicate the car to this pont. If you have ever wanted to own a classic fastback, this is your chance. As for price, I am thinking roughly half of what I've put in- $20,000. I would be happy to answer any questions. I can e-mail more pictures or take any that you would like.

    NEW asking price: $18,000. (5/29/12)

    Blair M. (Buzz) Barnett
    Anacortes, WA, Fidalgo Island, North of Seattle
    (360) 299-4328
    [email protected] DSCN0466.JPG DSCN0473.JPG DSCN0466.JPG DSCN0473.JPG DSCN0468.JPG
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that VIN code represents a coupe, not a fastback... What gives?
  3. Speed,
    You are indeed correct. The "01" in the VIN indicates "coupe." In the above section "Body," I indicate: "Coupe to fastback conversion utilizing Dynacorn panels, Drake Customs, Lake Havasu, AZ." The VIN is correct (fender and door) for the car. I thought I hade made it clear that the car was originally a coupe. I hope no-one has been misled.
    Incidentally, in the "Classic Mustangs" section there is a post by "horse sence" (sic) about his project converting a coupe to fastback using Dynacorn panels. The project is in the early stages but a couple of the pictures show the Dynacorn panels as shipped. Dynacorn would rather sell you a $15,000 complete shell but are apparently willing to sell just the necessary pieces.
  4. Have gotten a few nibbles but nothing serious.
    I'm lowering the asking price to $18,000 or reasonable offer.
  5. i realy hate to here that Hipobuzz seems people are willing to buy a dynacorn body
    that is going to be very hard to register. when they could buy your very well done conversion using the very same parts at what has to be the steal of a deal, if i had the money it would be in my garage , get well
    horse sence, Jim :cheers:
  6. I know it's somewhat a lowball offer but I have $10k cash to drop on a new project. If your interested and need to make a quick sale please let me know.
  7. Jim (horse sence),
    Thanks for your kind comments. I feared that I would get responses about how stupid I was to have spent so much. You never add it all up until you have to sell. I was shocked myself when I totaled it. I love cars and think that working on them is therapy.
    Incidentally, look in the Classic Mustang section to see Jim's Dynacorn project. We need a progress report.
    Thanks for the offer. I'm not put off by low offers. I'm not in any hurry to sell. I just think it' a shame to see that pretty car sitting under a dust cover.
  8. i dont believe putting money into the hobby is stupid, for if it is we are all raving
    lunaticts.conversions in my oppinion are going to be the next big thing as the
    supply of usable boddies is almost gone .i see no problem with a conversion if
    it is a nice as yours, some of the custome work people are doing may be right for some and not for others. do what makes you feel good dont worry about the rest.
    to me its the finnished product and how i feel about it no mater what .;)

    the fast back conversion is still in the shop soon as there is more progress i will post
    more pics shouldnt be much longer
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