SOLD 1967 Mustang Gta Coupe, S-code

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm helping my mother-in-law sell off some of my late father-in-law's toys (wish I had the means and time to justify keeping everything!).

    This is a 1967 GTA with a true S-code big block. My father-in-law purchased it off of the Internet in mid-2000, and then spent WAY too much on a 5+ year ground-up show-quality IMG_1380.JPG IMG_1402.JPG IMG_0793.JPG restoration (with some modifications to make it more enjoyable to drive). However, the work that he had done to his cars were for his driving pleasure and not for resale.

    The car was recently appraised by a certified CAGA appraiser at $46.2K. Because my in-laws considered the car collection to be a "life insurance policy" should anything ever happen to my father-in-law, we're looking to get as close to that number as possible (however, we are realistic and open to considering reasonable offers in the 40s).

    Engine/Transmission - the engine is a real 390 that has been full rebuilt by The Mustang Shop in San Diego. Receipts and documentation show that almost $12K was put into the engine alone. The transmission was also fully rebuilt to the tune of about $2800.

    Paint/Body - the car was repainted with the original Vintage Burgundy color. All chrome, seals, glass has been replaced.

    Interior - the entire interior has been replaced to the original style except that newer Mustang seats were fitted. The seats came from an early 2000's convertible that my friend was parting out for a Factory Five cobra, and were reupholstered to mimic the '67 seats. New A/C and heating was also added, and the trunk was fully restored.

    Suspension/Differential - the suspension has been completely replaced, and Wilwood disc brakes were added. A newer style rack and pinion steering was added.

    Wheels - American Racing Torque Thrust II polished mags.

    This car is a lot of fun to drive - we try to take it for a ride every 2 weeks to keep it exercised. I don't recall ever seeing my father-in-law drive the car. In fact, the build was so fresh that we had to take it down to have weights put on the wheels for balancing! It turns heads every time we take it out.

    I will try to answer any questions as accurately as possible, but I wasn't directly involved in this project (but I did pay close attention when he spoke about it). There are many extra parts that we will include with the vehicle and a file full of receipts documenting the entire build.

    Thanks for looking at this wonderful car.

  2. Sorry to here about your father in law ,it is a shame he didn't get to enjoy the car. It seems like that is the way it is with a lot of us ,we spend a lot of time and money building them and never get to drive them. If he was like me though the real enjoyment was building it . I was watching the Barrett Jackson auctions last week and the Mustangs were doing very well . I am not sure where the next auction is but that may be your best option ,i am thinking it is Palm Beach ?
    It looks like he did a very nice job on the restoration .:nice:

    Please post where the car is located /City and State .
  3. Thanks for the kind words. My apologies to everyone. The car is located in San Diego, CA.
  4. After spending some time evaluating the current market for these cars, we've set the price at $35,000, or best offer.

    The car will begin to make appearances at local (San Diego) car shows as time permits.

    Thanks for looking,
  5. Hi everyone, here are some more pictures. We've taken the car out to a few local shows, which has started to generate interest.

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  6. Please note that the car sold this morning. Thanks or looking.
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