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  1. I have a 1967 Mustang with a clear title that needs restoration. I am looking for a good running car or $3,500.00 cash. All information and pictures are below. If you click on the link at the bottom it will take you to my photobucket page with all the pics of the car and parts. The car is located in Charlotte, NC.

    I bought this Mustang 8 years ago, and began pulling it apart to rebuild. When I bought the car, it ran great, and was nearly rust free. The paint job was not great, but it kept it from rusting.

    I took everything off of the car except the rear end with the intention of repainting/replacing/reusing. However, 8 years later and I am now married and just built a house, and do not have the money or time to keep working on the car that I wanted done 4 years ago.

    I do have several more pictures and can take pictures of anything you would like that I do not already have and email them to you.

    The engine was a 289, I had it bored .30 over, honed, and cleaned and have over $2,000.00 put in to it already. The crankshaft was balanced and new Eagle Iron pistons were installed. The Cam is an Edelbrock Perform RPM cam. My intentions were to put the Performer RPM Heads and Intake on the engine as well. The pistons are set at 10.5:1 compression, with the hopes of about 375-400 HP. The flywheel was resurfaced as well at the same time. It has a brand new Edelbrock timing chain and Harmonic Balancer. I still have the boxes the cam, timing belt, and harmonic balancer came in. The oil pump is a brand new high flow oil pump to withstand the increased rpm's, and I installed a windage tray. The engine was also painted black instead of blue. I only have one picture attached of the engine, but I have a couple more. The engine is on an engine stand and until I took this picture, has been wrapped tightly to keep air out and to prevent it from rusting, along with it staying lubricated. The engine stand is included.

    I began stripping the paint off of the car as you can see in the picture from the front, however, I did not get past the engine bay and cowls. I had planned on stripping the whole car down to bare metal and starting over, but as mentioned before, I just dont have the time. The bare metal has been protected by Gibbs Brand Lubricant. It helps lubricate the metal and prevents rust and can be painted over. If you have never heard of it, visit www.GIBBSBRAND.net to see more information about it. I have the hood, and a picture of it, along with the mounting brackets. I do not have the fenders anymore, there were pretty dinged up, and I hit a dog right before I started taking it apart. I was going to buy new bolt on fenders, I have seen several sell for $200.00/pair on Craigslist, but I never did since I did not get far enough.

    The doors are in great shape, one of the doors had what looked like some rust on the outside so I grinded it down to metal, in which it was only the paint surface rusting. I sprayed some primer over the area to protect the bare spot. The door is not pictured below on the outside, but I do have pics. I have included an picture of the interior to get an idea of what the panels look like.

    All of the old rubber has been removed from the car, and the rear and front windows and trim are all still with the car.

    I ripped out all of the interior, and the dash panel is nearly brand new, along with the hoodliner. The instrument cluster is in good shape and just needs one of the repair kits you can buy to make it look like new. It also has the original AM radio in the car, though the wires are unhooked. The interior is nearly rust free, the only rust is on the floor pans at the front of the car. Even that rust is miniscule compared to most mustangs, and is a very cheap and easy fix. To put it all out there, the heater worked great but it needs new hoses, they were crumbling, but that should be easy as well.

    Unfortunately, when I bought the car I was in High School and put the drive shaft and the interior panels, seats, and floors in a storage unit. I ended up not being able to pay it so I lost all of it, so what you see is what you get...

    The rear end is an 8 inch posi rear end. I believe the gearing currently in there is 3.89:1. The exhaust is just straight pipes and was also almost brand new before I tore the car apart, and is still on the car.

    The car did not have power steering or power brakes, had drum brakes front and rear, and did not have A/C.

    I still have pretty much all of the suspension parts, along with the original heads, head covers, exhaust manifolds, and many other parts I took off the car. I have the oil pan (Repainted), and other engine accessories I took off. Most of the parts I took off I still have and have pics of most of it, and can take more specific pics for people serious about the car.

    I also have the original wheels that I can send a picture of, though it will need new tires!

    Also included if you want, I bought a box sandblaster to sandblast many of the smaller parts, but I will no longer need it after selling the car. The gloves are gone, they rotted out, but the rest of it works fine.

    Inside.jpg picture by ssundblade - Photobucket

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