1967 shelby gt500 VS 1999 skyline gt-r r34 v-spec

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  1. hey guys, I just wanna say i'm not completely loyal to imports or domestics, however I think most of you domestic lovers/"rice" haters, are ignorant and hate everything that isn't produded in America. Well to the point I recently got in an arguement with a freind who claims that a gt500 could beat a r34. I know it wouldn't after modifications but i don't know about stock to stock. So all you classic mustang lovers what's the 1/4 mile on a 1967 shelby gt500 with the 427, and what's the fastest 1/4 mile you've ever seen with a modified gt500???
  2. 1/4 mile time for a stock 67 GT-500 is whatever the r34 does minus 1 second.

    -Tim :rlaugh:
  3. haha, nice Tim but i'm looking for a real time.
  4. kid, yes i know your a kid whose 16 obviously, no one cares; the skyline would win and i hope it would cause its AWD and about 30 years newer. go troll somewhere else.
  5. gt500 with a 427 is a high 13 second car. modded mildly they are high 11's-low 12's.
  6. hey tach, yeah your right man, i'm 16 and some people do care because yes although the skyline would win still a lot of people refuse to admit that. and just cause i'm young you don't gotta hate me, i just couldn't find the 1/4 mile on the gt500 and i thought you guys could help me out, but thanks a lot to 65fastback2+2 i appreciate it, and nice cars, 65 is my favorite year for the stang.
  7. To be fair, we should use a new Shelby GT500 against the '99 Skyline GT-R R34.
    Like this one.
    Shelby GT500
    -427 Aluminum FE
    -750 HP
    -Anyone know how fast it goes in the 1/4 mile?

    ...But here's a look at 2 cars, one having 30 years of technological advantage.

    '69 Shelby GT500 with a 428CJ (7.0L), 335hp, RWD, and a 4spd. How much do these weigh? This one doesn't even have the holy grail aluminum 427.
    [email protected]

    '99 Skyline R34 GT-R with a RB25DET (2.6L), 280hp, AWD, 3395 lbs, and a 6spd.
    [email protected]
  8. are the new gt-500s in production yet though? i didn't know if they started yet
  9. They have built/are building 400 GT500E (325-475hp)and 75 GT500E SuperSnake (750hp) Shelby Mustangs from 67-68 fastback bodies.
  10. Let me see if I've got this right: you went to all the trouble of registering for this forum just to start a childish arguement about 2 cars that YOU DO NOT NOR EVER WILL OWN? When you get old enough for mommy to co-sign for a loan, do what everyone else with your IQ level does, buy a clapped-out, hand-me-down, 4 door civic and install lots of stickers, a Top Fuel-size wing and an ill-fitting body kit (leave the stock wheels on tho), and cut the muffler off, using only a large exhaust tip to display your power. Until then, go away...
  11. haha, yeah zookeeper your cool, and no i'm not getting a riced out civic, and i'm not a dumbass, i have a 3.548 GPA i have a 133 IQ and that's not considering that i still haven't even finished highschool. and guess what no civic for me my grandpa is buying me an acura rsx v-spec, yeah i'm spoiled nothing wrong with that man. but that will just tide me over till i can afford to get my supra and do all the work i want to on that so i can accomplish my dreamand show up you and anybody else on the drag strip or in the show room.
  12. Ha, I laugh at your comment Ha. Just playing. Hey I respect anyone who wants to put in work to make something fast. But damn, you're going to get an Acura RSX just flopped in your lap. That's not spoiled, you must be an only child.

    As to this arguement about showing people up, i'm sorry but where is the respect that the mustang and other Muscle cars deserve. If a 38-40 year old car can hold up with or whip up on a high tech car of todays word, that is something special. Nitrous...HA, nothing beats a well tuned muscle machine under the hood of a muscle car, except the 400 stickers on these people's car. What good are they, that must be a ricers secret. "Bolt on tons of stickers and gain 125 HP instantly!!"
    It is your choice, and your car, do what you will.
  13. Ok, lets take it from the top, shall we? You do not know me, so don't patronize (look it up) me by calling me cool. I may well be the geekiest person in the world for all you know. Second, a high GPA is meaningless. Lots of students achieve a misleading GPA by taking less challenging classes, since you obviously have never learned the proper use of capital letters, I'm betting you're one of them. As for your IQ score, that may puff up your tiny ego, but it doesn't get you much once your out in the real world. I'm glad to see that you're Grandpa is buying his pinhead grandson a neat car, obviously your IQ is inherited. If this was an enjoyable read, by all means cut me another of your witty PMs.
  14. DUN DUN DUHHHHHH....the plot thickens. I would tell you two to take this to the PM's but this is too intersting. Go on...
  15. On topic:
    I believe 1/4mi times would definitely favor the skyline, not only is it awd, but even in rwd config I'm sure it would put the power to ground more easily. Now the supersnake and a skyline... hmmm, might be fun to watch.

    Off topic:
    I'm with 65straightstick... -grabbing popcorn-

    (Though I have to give the nod to zookeeper... as a hs grad, I'll tell you my 142 (122 in middleschool) IQ doesn't mean crap, but I can fix people's problems by thinking of ways of making broken stuff work so I'm good at my job (selling autoparts). And your GPA... wow, it's a GPA in what, you're sophomore year? It doesn't mean a whole lotta jack until Junior year. And even then all it's good for is college apps. )

    The Swede
  16. a) IQ ratings are inflated when young. While the average IQ in the US is about 108 as an adult, its much higher for youth. The test is also varied, is not completely standardized, and as such, has little concrete meaning. Finally, you merely mentioning your IQ in an argument shows you are a somewhat small human being.

    b) GPA is also meaningless. I can tell you I worked a lot harder for my 3.1 first year in engineering at Cal than 99% of people pulling 3.8s or better at any other college. My high school gpa was 4.6 weighted... what does that get me... nothing... but it goes to show that a 3.5 in high school isn't special at all...

    c) Even if the Skyline is a little faster stock, the GT500 is cooler. Much, much cooler.
  17. Your ignorance and arrogance betray you. While I don't have a problem with your initial post, I think you don't realize how unoriginal and tired this subject is. That is the tragedy of your 3.548 GPA and 133 IQ. It is also a symptom of your spoiled upbringing. See, for all your ego driven dreaming and scheming, what you have yet to realize is that there is more to be gained by learning from others than by trying to make some tired unimportant point. Take a step back and start to think things all the way through. In almost all things, people typically fall into one of two categories: those that accept and practice as things are, and those who will determine where things will go. If you hope to be the latter (the better), you'll realize that your initial questions/statements are uninteresting and uninsightful. I would certainly hope that a car with 35 years of advancements in technology would out-perform a 35 year old car. However, the truth is that their performance is relatively similar (the data Penguin posted is correct based on the research I've done).

    What you lack is the perspective and wisdom of age and experience. You've probably read a bunch of magazines and bs'd with a bunch of friends, but really have rarely, if ever, turned a wrench. I'm not trying to kill your enthusiasm, but rather trying to provide some perspective. Keep up the reading, turn some wrenches, and start with something you can work on to begin with, not some brand new car your parents won't let you pop the hood on. I'd swapped engines, torn down an engine, done a clutch job, rebuilt a carb, brakes, and a bunch of other stuff, all by myself, and all before I was 16.

    BTW, since numbers matter to you, my GPA is 3.94, and that is for nearly 60 credits of my current doctoral degree work at a major research university, not some bs "advanced placement" highschool credits. Oh, and my IQ is high enough to get me an invitation to join Mensa, which I turned down. You do the math, but that crap doesn't mean **** to me. :rolleyes:
  18. :banana: rsx's are fat pigs and supras are dyno queens and skylines are glorified sentras nah nah nah nah :banana: who cares (i mean it this time) dont assume that everyone here hates imports (i consider imports european cars not amero-*** cars) and that everyone with a classic is old im 19 so don't "hate".
  19. 15 with a classic, spread the love spread the love.
    A car is a car. It takes an engine to move it and wheels to keep it moving. Anyone can say they know about cars. But truth be told, it is a god-given talent to be instinctive under the hood. So if this guy wants to learn about cars, then that is fine by me. I know plenty but I learn more everyday.
    BrokenWings16, honestly, you chose the wrong topic at the wrong time with the wrong attitude. I'm your age and I know what you think, but trust me, these guys know what they are talking about. Well most of them haha. If you want to learn about muscle cars, stick around, but if you want to talk about your RSX and Supra your parents are buying for you...try another forum. I think they have a 2slow2calm forum up now. Go rice it up!
  20. Please guys and girls lets not waste our time on posts like these, there are other folks on this forum that need real help.How about we just close this down :lock: :nonono:
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