1967 shelby gt500 VS 1999 skyline gt-r r34 v-spec

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  1. hye people lay off 16 yr old here too, not all the kids are spoiled and kids like me have to buy their own cars but look what i have? 65 with a 289 and tell me thats not better then a cheap civic? it a good topic and now people relize that you all cant take it that you all can get beat..what would that skyline do against a 69 boss 429?
  2. Hopefully some of the younger guys that participate here didn't think I was down on all younger car guys, nothing could be farther from the truth. The younger people who are into cars of all kinds are the ones who are going to be taking this hobby (regardless of make/model) to the next level. Anyone who's read some of my posts knows I try to be as helpful and non-judgemental as possible. But this person came here looking to start an arguement (simply re-read his first post) with no real point. Getting back to my point of veiw on young guys, here's a bit of backgrond on me: I'm 42, and took my driver's test in my parents '66 Impala. They bought a new '76 Civic when I was 17 and I fell in love with it! The car wasn't too fast in a staight line, but with the manual 4 spd trans and stiff (compared to a '66 Impala) suspension, it introduced me to my never ending love of the twisties. Not long after that, my Dad and I finshed the model A coupe hot rod we (mostly he) were building, and I was lucky enough to drive it to high school when I had gas money. But since the Honda got better mileage, I usually ended up taking it. Now, can you tell me that anything has really changed in the last 20 years? Cars are still expensive to high school guys, and the normal young guy has to make do with lesser cars, that's just the way it is. There is always the exception, like the person whose parents buy them a new car, but those types of people are most likely not "car guys" nor do they ever seem to really appreciate there car anywhere near as much as the person who built theirs or keeps it running with the help they get from Dad, their freinds and forums like this. But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong... :D
  3. Ya know anytime I think we throw out 1/4 mile times of the old bigblock stangs...i think they should be all recorded with dragslicks to make it abit more fair :D Just imagine the Supersnake with a dead solid hookup, no spin.
  4. Ok... you guys were being too defensive. Now he has to be defensive because you're attacking him. Maybe he just wanted to debate about something interesting. Like fast cars and the 1/4 mile. I enjoy talking about these things. I don't claim to know much about cars, but if I have a question, I go find answers. He wanted to know how fast the Shelby went, I gave him the answers I had.

    As for the Boss 429... the fastest stock time I've seen is [email protected]

    It's nice to see that with all of the technology advancements, old cars can still hold their own. At least on the 1/4 mile.
  5. What part of this quote makes you think that he simply wanted to discuss cars? To me this is an atagonistic statement, not someone posing a question. If I suddenly stepped into your home, and you didn't know me, and I said this to your face, would you think I was simply being friendly? :bs:
  6. I guess I ignore rude comments well. He was stereotyping and so is everyone else. :shrug: I'm having a good conversation regardless.

    ...but um... I wouldn't call this your 'home' because it's a public forum. If he were to come into my house, unannounced, I would ask him why he's there and where he wants the baseball bat. Seriously, I would ask him why he thinks that, then try my best to explain to him why he's wrong.

    ...but this is just some internet message board, so I just read the parts that interest me and try to ignore all of the crap.
  7. well that coment does go for lots and lots of people, but not all. like the ones who say simply putting the clear tailights in on their car/truck instantly turns them into rice or crap. those things do look IMO on certin cars or trucks. anyone agree?
  8. I agree with that statement, I owned (until a couple years ago) a lowered late-model GMC pickup. The truck was white with no graphics or anything, and I thought about putting the clear taillights on it because I felt it would give the truck a cleaner look, since the red taillights stuck out when contrasted with the brite white paint. But like lots of things, I believe that lots of builders (regardless of age) don't know when to stop bolting things on the car.
    To Penguin, the fact that this is an internet board does not mean it's OK to leave good manners at the door. I did not mean that this is litterally my house, but rather using an analogy to show that hopefully we wouldn't speak to each other in the manner the original poster did, so why is it accepted when leaving a message to strangers? The Golden Rule needs to be applied everytime we communicate, regardless of how it's done.
  9. hey thank you penguin, and your completely right, i just wanted to debate this topic, i couldn't seem to find a straight time for the shelby so i turned to the forums. i got what i was looking for and thanks to all you guys that don't hate me just cause i was trying to find out the times. couple other things. GPA doesn't mean THAT much to me, but yeah it is something i can brag about if someone calls me a dumbass, but actually i don't try i've never tried or cared about anything but cars, so here i am. i actually first liked muscle cars more than imports but i soon realized that they were too hard, in my opinion to get into the 11's or 10's without a whole lot of money and experience and still have a daily driver. and about the ignorant rice haters, i've checked out a lot of import and a lot of domestic sites and a lot of the muscle cars just dissed imports but didn't know what it means to be an import they just talk bad about riced out civic hatchbacks, which i hate. and no i'm not a ricer, i'm all go, no show. but thanks for the specs i was looking for to penguin and everybody else but some of you just got to learn to not attack everybody that says something you don't agree with.
  10. :stupid:
    ....right :bs:
  11. take a 289 like me, put as much money into it as you would a import that goes in the 10's or 11 and you would prooly have a 9 to 10 sec car..
  12. Well this wouldn't be a forum if people didn't say what they thought, right.
  13. I have no problem with anyone wanting information about cars, after all, if you don't ask, then how will you ever learn? But here's some advice: when you start off by prefacing your question with a statement like you did (calling musclecar fans ignorant) you set the tone for any response, and insure bad feelings toward yourself. Respect is not something you're automatically given, it's something you have to earn. Also, FYI adding a nitrous bottle (about $500 and an afternoon's work) to a 13 second musclecar will yield an 11 second street car, bet on it. Do the same to an import and you get a 14 second car, so where's all the extra work you mentioned? If you want to race autocross or something else, it would be a different story, but dollar for dollar you cannot beat a musclecar in a straight line. Want to read more interesting stuff? Check out the current issue of Hot Rod Magazine about the musclecar boom, the import market is not what it was a couple years ago, but that's how it often goes with trend-driven markets.
  14. It took me awhile, but I finally got through this WHOLE thread. My advice (take it or leave it). . . agree to disagree. IMO, there are two kinds of car people. Where one type of car lacks, it picks up in other areas. Civics are (or can be) fast. Sure, they weigh a fraction of our cars made of real metal, but they get the job done. They handle better and can be cheaper to build. Power to ya!! On the other hand, muscle cars are hard to beat. With the right mods/rebuilds, they can easily run with the new cars, despite the weight. And whenever I hear a Honda 2 blocks away with the bass blasting, I step into the garage, tinker on the exhaust a bit, and drive by his house (with open headers) and light 'em up. Mature, no. Satisfying? YES. In conclusion, no one is argueing that modern cars (ricers) can occasionally outrun a Stang at the strip. But there's a lot more to cars than drag times.

  15. I can't believe this is coming from a stanger, lol...at least the cheaper to build part...maybe cheaper to get comparable results for mods to a stang but the stang's gonna do more for less. Let's take a '65 coupe for example...my '66 coupe weighed in at 2700lbs w/ a full tank when i ran it at the track w/ a 302. It's pretty stock but a low 15 second car w/ highway gear. You don't have that in most cases when you buy a Civic...heck look at that horsepower tv Honda....with alllll that cash it didn't have the hp of a stock GT stang. The Honda has 3000 put into it and gets into maybe 13s....I put 3000 into mine and can be going for low 12s, if I can really budget and do it good 11s. Sorry for my little rant but somethin' bout the name Civic makes my head hurt.
  16. eh, i disagree, the kid came in here knowing we dont like imports, and im ok with that, duh, it says stagnet at the top of the page, its a given we dont like imports, so he knew he was gonna get flack about the match up he was talking about. He just wanted 1/4 mile times and nothing more. Zoo, i realize you are 42 and all, but the "to get respect you have to give respect" old addage can still apply here. Who knows, a nice reply could have him sitting in a nice 66 coupe instead of an RSX. Besides, hes 16, and hes got a load of people telling him junk, and if his dad isnt a car guy, he isnt a car guy and doesnt read up. I heard a 45ish year old guy tell me once about his co-workers 7.3 powerstroke with a chip and 4" exhaust that made 500hp. Anyhow, I think this has gotten WAY OT because people are getting all upset over 1/4 mile times. Im a stanger an a dubber (VW) so you can be a hot-rodder and an import guy, it wont kill ya.

    btw, brokenwings16, get a 2004 VW R32, AWD, 6 spd, 200hp 1.8 turbo. With $4000 in mods, they make 300hp. ;)
  17. Basic, the two cars are completely different categories each aiming for something different. The R34s are well known for being all out beasts with the right money in mods. Our classics (stock) aren't all that fast, however for cheap they can be. Our cars have something that all others don't, that's character and style. No new car today can compare to any classic in those categories. In essence, they really don't make them like they used to.
  18. okay, your right zookeeper i started off this thread a little hostile towards muscle car fans, so i apologize for that, just the way i have interpreted some muslce car fans (mostly later model though, haha, nothing against the classics i myself want a chevelle over any rsx or civic) but lets just stop the arguement and yeah agree to disagree, thanks to you all for particapating in my thread and to 65fastback2+2 thanks for the advice on the R32 i do actually really want that car but it starts off at 28 grand and has just come out in 04 or was it 03? well anyways i can't afford that can only go up to 16 grand. and the rsx type-s is is also 200hp i-vtec also with a 6 speed, pretty kickin. but if anybodys got any ideas for what i could do to get a car for 16 grand or under and get into the 11's with only 5 grand worth of mods??? that would be cool of you, thanks a lot guys and sorry for coming off rude to anybody.
  19. oh and i forgot to say, i wouldn't use nitrous it's not good for your car and it just shows that your lazy and won't even put out the effort to do some work on your car you just want easy speed. but if you want to use it nothing against you, just don't use it as your only mod.
  20. im gonna be serious here and suggest looking into a 11g-12g small block mustang coupe. for 11-12g's you get NICE and with the extra 5g's it'll be FAST and get you more looks than anything. I drove my $5000 67 coupe 302 stock through a street meet last night. 65 or so cars there. Vipers, Lightnings, SRT-10's, vettes, 11 second camaros, drag 41 willys, 8 second camaros, a vert 67 GT500 signed on the air cleaner and glove box by carrol shelby, and when I left I STILL turned heads. Why? Because the FIRST muscle car was a Ford Mustang in 1964. Its what started the camaro, and firebird and new mustangs and lightnings and srt-10's. All because of the mustang. The vette couldnt even start what is today known as the muscle car world, only the mustang could. People all the time yell from 3 lanes over "what year is it?" it doesnt matter is a high 16 second car, its a mustang, thats all that matters, it could be a 20 second inline 6, and you'll still get more looks than any car on the road. fast gets you in trouble, cool and special gets you girls ;)
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