1967 shelby gt500 VS 1999 skyline gt-r r34 v-spec

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  1. I am disapointed being a 16 year old male myself. People like me get bad names from people like this dumbass that we dont have a taste for cars. I right now i have a 78 Mach 1 and my dream car is a 67 shelby gt 500. I hate to see when people stereotype him as a "16 year old" because i dont share any of those beleifs of piece of **** rice burners. I would take a shelby over any new 2 cylinder computer run car. Just thought hearing from the other end of the spectrum would be interesting for you people.
  2. dude, you got one bad problem with imports. i think it needs adjusting, maybe by a S2000, after he smokes ya one time stock you might appreciate imports. see, problem is, people think you are either classic or american or import, and that you cant be all, well you can, so get over the fact people can like classic stangs and VW or Acura's. I know for a fact no stanger would turn down a NSX.
  3. No hard feelings here, I don't believe in grudges. I have no problem with imports, either. But I do have some experience with nitrous, and you may want to rethink your ideas about it. Pat Musi, Tony Christian and Billy Glidden all use the bottle and I don't think anyone could realistically call them lazy. I used it on a Yamaha Banshee dune bike used for sand and hill drags. I had my 350cc motor built as far as it would go without expensive stroking, so rather than lay out about $6,000 I spent about $900 for a nitrous setup, fabbed all the lines and brackets myself and went racing. It's very addictive and I'd do it to a car in a second, but to each his own. Keep on learning, you'll get there... :nice:
  4. k gotta get back to 65fastback2+2, thanks for your ideas again. and i do love the mustang it did start the whole muscle seen and still remains the best. much as i'd love one, it's hard to find one in good condition first off, hard to get insured and be sure i could get a actual replacement not junk if i did something to it. and 3rd i'm looking for the rush of dragging, not the girls or the attention. i'm souly in it for the fun of the working on the car, having it be YOUR car, and then showing it off on the drag strip.

    and to zookeeper, i'm glad were cool, and cost wise yeah nitrious is def. a great mod, also performance wise it can knock 2 seconds off your 1/4 mile, it's speed in a bottle, but i myself just don't really care for it. you guys do what you want as long as you enjoy it, nitrous on a bike though, that's gotta be pretty damn kick ass. shame i gotta be 17 or is it 18 to get a motorcycle liscense.
  5. good post zoo! thats why i like seein ya around on here, for the good ole posts
  6. brokenwings16, I wanna be clear here... I respect both foreign and domestics, new and vintage. I have owned and driven everything from Fiats and Lancias to Corollas to muscle cars. My Mach was my first car, and it still owns my heart, even if its not the fastest or best handling. But I also love Initial D, my brother is building doing a JDM Silvia conversion of a 240SX, and I've been eyeing an '88 323GT turbo lately.

    Now, you're in a tough spot looking for a decent fun new car for under $16k. You're not gonna be able to touch a new RSX (type-s or otherwise) for less than $19k, and under the $20K line, you're probably only really gonna find wannabes. However, if you're willing to buy used (even just 6 months to 1 year old), then you're options will open up a bit. I'd look for a used base RSX or Civic Si, Matrix XRS (180hp/6 speed), Focus SVT (170hp/6 speed), Neon SRT-4 (215hp/5 speed), Tiburon GT (170hp, 6 speed), Sentra SE-R Spec V(175hp/6 speed), VW Jetta or GTI w/1.8T turbo (180hp/5 speed). All of these should be right around $16k used, and all of them have plenty of options for upgrades using that $5k you mentioned, but none of them are gonna make it into the 11s for that little. 14s probably, 13s maybe, but 11s... simply no way! Even with nitrous. :(

    Now, that said, here is something to think about. For the same $21k you'd be putting in those cars to run 13s, you could buy a 1 year old Mustang GT for $18k (which can run 13s out of the box with the right driver), and spend the extra $3k and get the car into the high 12s. There is still something to be said for Domestic V8s. And to echo what others have said, $21k can get you a very fast and capable vintage car that will maintain its value better than nearly anthing you could possibly buy new. That probably doesn't mean much to you now (you're probably thinking cars are pretty disposable), but as you get older, it might.

    One last thing... if you're serious about twisting your own wrenches, consider going with something like an S13 Nissan and doing a JDM swap like my brother. He bought an '89 240SX with a blown head gasket for $1200 and bought a JDM Silvia front clip for $3K, a LSD for $300, some various parts for the conversion, plus Eibach springs, a suspension rebuild with a new rack&pinion. It'll probably run low 13s and handle great when he is done and he'll have less than $7k in it total. Just a thought... :shrug:

    Hope this helps... Good luck with whatever decision you make. :nice:
  7. ok, as much as you have reasons, they arent really reasons.

    #1, hard to find a good one??? i got a good one for $5000. Ive driven it 2000 miles and dont nothing to it, not even washed it LOL. For 11 grand you would get an uber sweet one. Trust me, my last 65 FB I paid 10 g for and sold it for 17 g just washing it and driving it, not doing anything to it.

    #2, insurance, all you do is get insured on a junk car, be the insured driver on that one and have your dad on the mustang, this allows you to drive the mustang because you are on his insurance policy. I was paying my insurance on a 1989 VW Cabriolet with liability AND my 65 FB with $20,000 full coverage and it cost me $130 a month

    #3, make sure and get it appraised and have the appraiser appraise it for a lil more and also make sure when you do anything to it you call the insurance and up your coverage accordingly. This way you ensure you get a replacemet if wrecked EVEN by someone who doesnt have car insurance.

    AND if you dont believe the insurance thing, I am currently 18 years old.

    #4, you need to check under the hood of a import lately. Those motors are CRAMMED in there. Working on them is a pain in the butt you will soon find out. Trust me, my dad has a 1996 VW Golf 2.0 4cyl, and its a pain to work on not mentioning the fact they cram a 2.8 VR6 in the same engine bay! You will finding modding and working on a classic for more easy. It takes 2 wires and one belt to run my car. It takes 3 belts and half the wiring in your house to run my dads. Plus when sensors go out on it, its a pain in the butt, he usually just drives it messed up.
  8. The real question might be; what will the skyline be worth in 30 years, or will any even be around in 30 years. I'll put my money on the Shelby!

  9. If looks and girl gettin isn't whats important for 5-6k you can pick up a decent hardtop, preferably 65-68. Say maybe 500 in suspension more for drag, add a rollbar, good hiback seats/harnesses. There's maybe 500 more for an average base. For that original price you should already have nice paint, good interior, etc. Now...if you wanna really get into it maybe have another 500-800 into new fuel lines/cel/pump, etc etc. Then you'll wanna go get some good rubbers for it. Get a good 9" rear end which you might have already w/o too much trouble for a 67+ but not too hard or expensive for 65/66. Add some good brakes. We're still on a really low spending range and have the car mostly setup aside from engine/tranny. you can get a good AOD racebuilt or C-4 w/o spending tooooo much money. Add a nice aftermarket shifter, tach, etc. Then...take 5000, build a nice 408 stroker, maybe put a little more into if if you wanna go real heavy duty, AFR heads, etc....then take it out and get some 11 second timeslips and laugh at those who have 40k in cars to accomplish the same. Mustangs were the affordable car for the people in '64 and the first models still hold true to that compared to some other routes.
  10. I don't know why people think that slower cars are easier and cheaper to get to go faster... like 14-15 sec modified Civic's or RSX's. Their engines and chassis reach their edge faster than other cars. Unless you're willing to go to turbocharging, which is not cheap by any means.

    I also don't know how much RSX's are around where you live, but I have never seen a used one for less than $18k, and that's not even the 'S' version. That leaves you -$2k for mods...

    Is it ok if the car is not brand new? I'm always looking for cars in 'auto trader' and the like.
    If you want a Mustang for less than $16k. Go for a 96-98 Cobra. Lately, I've seen them for $10-14k. They have 305hp and go 13's right out of the box.
    I just saw a '99 Firebird Formula for $12.8k. That's another 305hp, 13sec car.
    You just need about $4-6k for some forced induction,a good tune, traction, and you're a whole lot closer to 11 sec 1/4 miles than you would be in the RSX... and for cheaper.

    If you use nitrous properly it will just push your engine harder. Just like you will be pushing it harder down the dragstrip, without nitrous.

    Agreed... I'm just lazy and try to ignore stereotyping. :shrug:
  11. I think certain Skylines will be worth a lot of money in the future. Some are rare, race bred versions, that sell new for over $90k.
    Shelby's are rare, race bred versions.... yes, they will be around.
    There is a whole different market for Japanese sports cars. They have collectors just like we do.
  12. okay zookeeper thanks for the ideas again on the cars. but your wrong in some ways it is not hard to get civics and the like very fast. for example i've heard of a 17 second or so civic that was only naturally aspirated and was running in the 13's.

    i've also found more than one rsx for less than 15 grand even, the cheapest type-s though was 15,995, but i can always talk them down more too.

    96-98 cobras are good, i hate the hoods though, gotta replace that, and couldn't i get a lot more power, and it would be cheaper out of a 94-95 5.0 cobra? i did find a 96 cobra for 9 grand.

    i have also come up with another idea, not cheap but it can be done, iv'e found a s2000 for $14,500, and iv'e seen others around 18 grand, if i chip in, which i can, i'll be able to get one of those, then supercharge it and get one with 358hp in a car that's already running 13.8 stock, same as the cobra. there are downsides though, expense and those things are small! but this would be my top pick. there's just something about the cobras that put me off, guess i could replace the hood though so the cops dont notice me that much more.
  13. and yes it's okay for my car to not be new, i was never even considering that, i'd rather save that much more money by getting a 2 year old car with 30k on it. or i'd even be happy with a 100k more on it, miles don't bother me, just gotta look decent and most important be fast!
  14. Are you just spitting money out of your ass, jeez. I wish at 16 i could even toy with the notion of buying anything over 10K much less 16-18K. Hope you like Ramen Noodles because that is all you can afford to pay off those kinds of cars. Unless you are that well-off.

    What ever floats your boat.
  15. hey man ramen noodles are good...i could live off of em. :nice: but yeah i'm not aloud to spend over 5k on my car unless its my own money...so nobody should be crying to me about not being able to spend a lot of money, i cant even spend the rest of my 5k on a paintjob, somehow i'll have to earn the money myself
  16. Well i need to get a money limit like you so i know what to go shopping for. Haha
    I have put only $127 into the car because i'm waiting on pops to get home so we can get started. Want to save some money, do the bodywork yourself. That's what I will be doing, provided i have some patience. HAHA
  17. since everyone is stating their opinions, this is THE DUMBEST POST EVER IN THE CLASSIC SECTION! If a 16 year old wants a fast car, it shouldnt be a classic. If he drives as immaturely as it seems he acts, he's sure to wreck it. Better to play it safe and hot rod a new car with all the safety equipment. You can't compare something like a GT500 to a friggin awd turbo import. If you do try to compare them, you're nothing more than the average magazine statistic racer. Point is, you don't have either of those cars and likely never will, so why does it matter.

    Now for my politically correct response. Dude, just do whatever makes you happy. People don't buy classic mustangs for their performance numbers. There always have been and always will be faster cars than mustangs. For the last 40 years there has always been a domestic manufacturer that has made a car faster than the mustang. People buy mustangs because they like the image, or the fact that they are good investments, because they just like 'em, or because you just don't see classics everyday. People buy imports because they are reliable, practical, and sometimes fun to drive. Anything can be made fast, its just whatever appeals the most to you. There is no right or wrong, so long as you respect your fellow enthusiasts and the work they've put into their ride. If you end up getting a mustang, I think most people here will be glad to help with any questions you may have. There will always be someone who has a faster ride than you, so long as you realize that before you get your doors blown off, you'll be okay in this hobby.
  18. How does hearing of a civic running 13s make it cheap or easy to get them running that fast?

    Also, how was it a 17-second car if it was running 13s?
  19. WORD big time.

    By start of college, my stang will be lowered 2" or so all around from stock, have a 4bbl, headers, cutouts and an AOD backed with 3.00 gears. It'll run prolly low 15's in the 1/4 and get (hopefully) 26ish MPG. Its gonna be one of the slowest cars on campus I imagine, but ya know what?? Its a mustang and (with cutouts open lol) it'll get anyones eye anywhere, NO civic can do that, and I dont even flinch at S2000's anymore. No one is gonna yell "what year civic is that????" or "does that S2000 have a V6??" not gonna happen. No one will care. Its all about the love for the mustang for me, period.
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