1968 289 H2O

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  1. Yeah, that's a more modern positively-retained guide seal much like what the '80s 2.3 NA and Turbos have. They are supposed to flexible; if it was hard enough to break, then it was no good anyway. That engine would have originally used umbrella seals.

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  2. Thank you I appreciate having someone explain this stuff to me, I love learning about engines and cars in general.
  3. Excellent post, thank you very much. Now change your profile pic you are freaking me out, jk, LOL!

    Well that is the end of Act I - The Top End, so grab another cold one, update your FaceSpace profile or tweat Ashton Cucher do whacha gotta do, we will be starting on Act II The Bottom End next...
  5. Maybe you could turn this into a "Green" thread, by re-using your wife's sandwich bags?

  6. Better?
  7. Greg, you may have the most entertaining poster award locked up for the next 2 years....

    BTW, you have 2 cherry pickers.... 1 red.... 1 orange.... hey man, WTF happened to Ford blue !?

  8. Oh my... The Mustang God read and posted on my thread, and thinks I may deserve the EPA wow!

    Note To Self: paint both cherry pickers BLUE ASAP!
  9. My BIG 25 Inch

    meanwhile behind the facade of this innocent looking suburban garage...

    I am still busting my knuckles trying to turn the damn engine over. Well the heads are off so I doubt it's a compression problem, LOL.

    I picked up the biggest breaker bar - 25 inch at Harbor Freight and some impact wrench style 1/2 inch six point SAE standard american black thingabopper sockets. That way if I ever loose them in the snow they will stand out!

    Used the 15/16 (I could see Ford now, hey let's use a 1 inch bolt on the crank pulley, ONE inch, are you crazy, no need, a 15/16 will do just fine!) and when I turned it to the left it started unscrewing the bolt (instead of turning the engine over) when I went the other way (NOTHING HAPPENED) but I could feel if I went any further I would snap the bolt




  10. Draining The Water [ahem] Oil...

    So in order to drain the water out of your Mustang, you just undo the big drain plug bolt in the oil pan under the car, RIGHT ?



    The water was so clear I could drink it.

    Man I should have really paid more attention in chemistry class, cause oil floats on water even without Exxon catastrophes.
  11. Mustang God ? Far from it man. Keep up the good work.... and don't ever drink water from an oil pan lol.
  12. See, that's the type of insight I keep coming back to this forum for! LOL
  13. Unless you chase it with a good shot of Tequila. :nice:
  14. Handlebars come off...

    with the milk shake cocktail drained it was time to remove the oil pan, in order to do that I had to remove the cross member or as I like to call it 'handlebars' held in by two large bolts, I don't know why I always imagined the cross member goes under the transmission, go figure

    with that out of the way I was 20 bolts away from my goal, note 4 were bigger (1/2 inch) than the other 16 (3/8 inch maybe I forget)

    after tapping the pan gently with a rubber mallet to get it loose, notice how I am gently wedging a pry bar between the oil pan and the engine block through the crusty old cork gasket, pretty cool huh?

    Not, I wouldn't have to do that if I didn't forget the last bolt, hey, it was covered with 40 years of road dirt and grime OK! After I removed it the pan nearly fell on my head.

    You like the Oil Pan Rosary?




  15. Self Proclaimed Certified Two Bolt Master Mechanic - SPCTBMM

    I don't know about you guys, but I judge repairs by how many bolts I gots to remove in order to get the job done. The more bolts the more difficult the job. Having said that I consider myself a Two Bolt Mechanic. Allow me to give you an example and see where you fit in on the SPCTBMM Scale:

    Battery Replacement - two terminals two bolts, badabing badaboom

    Starter - two bolts hold it to the bell housing, done

    Alternator - two bolts, one short one, one long one, LOL, but still two bolts

    Thermostat - two little bolts (cut the hose with a saws all, I'm kidding use a box cutter, jk, then to replace the hose... guess what... two bolts!)

    Brakes - What? No way, you have to take the wheels off and that's 4 or 5 bolts right there just to get to the calipers man! Those are lug nuts, so we get by on a technicality. LOL

    Belt Replacement - see Alternator LOL, LOL, LOL

    So I'm a bit perplexed I just removed the oil pan, that's 20 bolts man, 20 bolts! Does that make me the Michael Jordan of automotive repair? I mean the oil is the life blood of the engine, you don't think the oil pan plays a huge role in the scope of things, than I suggest you remove the pan and go take your classic for a spin, jk, LOL.

    I mean I removed the cylinder heads and those only had 10 bolts each. And something tells me if I removed only one head and modified the intake in some crazy fashion I could get a V8 to run on just 4 cylinders (I know some of you are Googling that now, add "Deep South" to your search for quicker results - I kid, I kid). So that proves the Oil Pan is the most important piece on the car, don't believe me, name another single component held on by more than TWENTY BOLTS, 20, XX (for the Romans out there) !!!
  16. You forgot the fuel pump, LOL...:nice:
  17. Well then, going by that philosophy the distributor should be very easy. All it takes is one bolt to remove and replace it ..... :lol:


  18. LOLOLOL that reminds me of a time I went to look at a 71' fastback. I showed up and this guy was working on the engine. I hadn't looked real close yet, but I noticed he had the valve covers off (6 bolts each) and was messing with the rockers (16 nuts). He told me he was having trouble getting it to idle (1 screw). Then he said the one thing I never thought I would hear in my life, he said "Once I get it to idle good I'm gonna put the Oil pan back on and fill it with Oil." I looked under the car and low and behold - no pan on the engine. Instead of punching him in the nose (I was in my Dealership uniform so I had to be nice) I just said "Ummm, if it were me, I'd go agead and do that first". Then I left.
  19. Thanks a lot Craig for effin' it all up, jk that reminds me do you know what the secret to good comedy is?

    .... Timing!!! get it Timing - LOL

    P.S. The dizzy on my '93 Corrado - two bolts, and no adjusting necessary, and it don't matter which way it goes in (nicest thing on the whole car)
  20. Oh my god man I didn't know weather to laugh or cry when I read that, you know what i mean. This is what I think of to make myself feel better when I think I am doing something half @ss or cutting corners, I say to myself there are guys doing dumber things than you are so just keep doing your best, but I don't think these people get it, it's right up there with dumping sand into a running car to polish the intake/heads...