1968 Coupe Instrument Panel variations


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Sep 21, 2019
I am looking at a '68 coupe for sale. The instrument cluster has two small variations from what seems to be the standard. These are: (1) the high beam indicator, which I believe is normally a mustang silhouette that lights up, and which is located in the center of the panel, is instead a simple circular light; (2) the turn indicator lights, which are normally part of the wiper switch and it's similarly shaped opposite, are offset further off to the sides and the right sided one that normally looks like the wiper switch is instead a light that says "BRAKES".
I'm wondering if these differences indicate the cluster has been replaced and is not original. Any input greatly appreciated. John
PS - I did some more researching and it appears the panel is what is seen on '67 coupes. If so, the question then becomes were these panels used on any '68s or should I conclude the original was swapped out for a '67 panel?
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