1968 DOHC 4.6 Coupe Project

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  1. We went to a car show yesterday and parked beside the 1965 Fastback I painted SPI Viper red five years ago. The fastback still looks like it was just painted



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  2. Baer brakes came in today for the Mustang


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  3. Today's project will be to install the Strange 3.50 rear and Baer brakes

  4. The Strange rear is in

  5. What brand rear end setup are you running? I've been looking at the Swartz setup and haven't really made up my mind with what I want to do. We plan on adding a wider rear tire and will be needing some room. Thanks
  6. It is from Rod & Custom. They offer a bolt in kit but we welded the crossmembers.
  7. Check out the Baer brake install in an upcoming issue of Modified Mustangs & Fords magazine.


  8. This is what I did today. I'm not finished yet but it's a start.

  9. Looks great! Do you know what month the car will be in the magazine?

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  10. No but they will be doing a few tech stories in upcoming issues. We are waiting to test fit a power brake booster for the brake story but there will also be a story about installing a custom Be Cool radiator next.
  11. If you ever want to put in something "updated" for the dashes, check out a dakota digital dash. They're made over where I live and they're great quality. Couldn't tell if thats what you put in it or not, but i figured id give a shameless plug :)

    saving up right now to put one in my '68:


    they're a pretty sweet little unit. Fits right into the stock bezel.
  12. For this work i just say Hats off to you dear.... because this work is awesome, you just change the complete car and make it a diamond from a junk..Thanks for sharing your project is very details. I am impressed to see that.
  13. A couple of pictures outside


  14. Because of working on customers cars I don't have a lot of time to work on my projects but we have gotten a few things done.

    My son Brian, Steve Baur (former Modified Mustangs & Fords editor) and Buddy installing a Ron Morris EFI fuel pump and lines for a story that was featured in the magazine.



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  15. The fuel lines and filter are attached to the subframe connector



    They go through the torque box and into the engine compartment


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  16. Stunning! Want to see more! Can we have more pics and notes on how you wired up the 4.6L?
  17. I forgot to show this but awhile back Mark Houlahan came by the shop to help us install the Ron Francis wiring harness for the SOHC Mod motor.



    We are not finished under the hood


    Brian was helping Mark


    Takes a lot of wires to run a modern engine



    Every wire is numbered so you can't make a mistake if you hook it up to the same number on the control panel that is plugged into the stock Ford computer.
  18. Brian and I were trying to figure out what we were going to do to cover up all the wires in the trunk and we found out about Mustang to Fear's trunk kit for the coupe. At the time we inquired they only had one made for the Eleanor style taillights. Rich said he was going to make one for the stock taillights and we also received the first gas filler neck cover.



    We still have to make a bracket to mount the computer and control panel behind the the Mustang to Fear trunk panel kit.

    You can read all about the install How to Finish Off Your 1967-1968 Mustang?s Trunk
  19. We installed the Dakota Digital gauges awhile back but I never did get a photo. Now I need to get a battery installed in the trunk so I can see them in color!


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