1968 DOHC 4.6 Coupe Project

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  1. If I had a choice I would rather have brackets welded on the rear end since we welded all the crosmembers in. They designed the kit to be bolted in.

  2. do you plan on welding the brackets in at a later date or just leave it like it is?

    i still can't wait to see this car hit the road, i love those flares!!!!!

    are you going to paint it yellow and black?
  3. If you buy it otherwise probably red and blacK
  4. ummm yeah, i'll get right on that. the wife says i have two too many cars already
  5. I changed my mind on the taillights. I was going to put a deluxe ribbed taillight panel in and I had cut out the original taillights. Now I have decided to french them in instead. I had put a reproduction taillight panel in our Eleanor project and cut out the original taillight mounting area.


    The reproduction taillight mounting area was about 1/4" to big so Brian cut it down and welded studs on it.


    Brian welded it back in and now has to grind the welds.

  6. nice work, keep the pics coming

    p.s. I love XR4TIs...used to have 2, back when I was young and stupid and didnt know how to work on cars
  7. Wow looks good. What a cool project and great pictures, keep them coming. BTW is that a xr4ti in the background? That is kind of interesting.
  8. I started the Merkur project with my brother and we have way to much money in it and it is on hold. The cam cover on the Cosworth is now red.


  9. Looks like a neat project. Thanks for the pictures. It keeps getting better a 69 Fastback drag car. Cool selection of stuff!
  10. I started racing the Mustang in 1971. It is red on one side and blue on the other.


    And this is 2008 after I restored it close to the way it was raced. I like red better so I painted red on the drivers side

  11. Couple of pictures outside. SPI bedliner on the fender aprons



  12. awesome, nice to see it coming along(mine is stalled for about a month or so) what width is that wheel? 8"? maybe its just the tire that makes it look so beefy, I might do bedliner outside of the engine bay, but have heard nightmare stories of it in the engine bay with high heat(which I plan on, turbos put out quite a bit more heat than NA engines and twin turbos are now in my main plans)

    p.s. did you weld on the 1/4 panel extensions?
  13. They are 8" rims and 245 tires.
    I would spray the engine compartment with SPI black epoxy and it should hold up to the heat.
    The fiberglass quarter panel extensions are bolted and bonded on.
  14. We started lining up the sheet metal. We are having a problem with the bottom of the drivers door sticking out at the bottom. I think we will have to cut it and weld it back up.




    We still have to fit the front valance and spoiler

  15. looking mean Rusty!!!!!!
  16. This looks like a great project. I will definitely follow this.
  17. I really like how the flares look. I'm going to have to find an old fender and practise your flaring method. I'm pretty sure if I try that on a car I will warp the fenders beyond use.

    I've hardly touched my 67/4.6DOHC project all year. I'm honestly about ready to switch to a 347 just so I can speed it along. I just don't have time to do all of the work these Terminator conversions require!
  18. looking good...keep the updates coming, I'm possibly storing my 4.6L mustang away for a while...although work will continue as always...but slower most likely(since I'm too lazy to drive out to storage all the time to work on it)
  19. That is looking really nice. :nice::nice:
  20. Love the Merkur project I had one back about 8 years a go a road car with a Rapido front mount, 2.3 with a cam, Sierra grill, and a few other mods, it was a great car.