1968 DOHC 4.6 Coupe Project

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  1. What make are those tires?
    Are the rears the same size as the fronts?
    Some real nice work going on there!
  2. They are Yokohama ES100 245 45 17 front and back
  3. I also did away with the turn signals in the hood. I bonded them on and blended them into the hood.



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  4. just so you know, you are doing everything to this car that i wanna do to mine...down to the stainless taillight panel
  5. i think that is the coolest looking 68 coupe i've ever seen. sweet flares i know everyone said that already but they look juuuust the right size!
  6. Damn that looks good. I may need to look into doing that to mine! :nice:
  7. WOW, this is an amazing project so far. I just wish I had the time and patience to do something like this. I've been wanting to do this exact process, full breakdown and rebuild, just don't think I have the skill for it. I loook forward to seeing all the future progress you will make.
  8. I'm still working on the front apron. I thought the spoiler was to big so I trimmed it. I still have to finish shaping it.

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  9. Cool Project :nice:

  10. I have not done a lot on my project. I did work on the fiberglass bumper getting it to fit close to the body.



    This weekend we narrowed the 1963 Galaxie 9" two inches to match the width of a Mustang. There wasn't enough clearance.

  11. Wow, that bumper sure does fit nice. Being fiberglass, would it be easier to get that nice fit than a stock bumper or is it basically the same procedure?
  12. I had to cut and narrow the bumper and than add material to the ends to close up the gap. You could do it with a metal bumper but it would be a lot harder.
  13. I have been going back and forth on the front and have changed my mind again and have decided to use this one from an Eleanor kit


    I wanted a cleaner look so I'm doing away with the the fog lights.

  14. Great work! Look forward to seeing more.
  15. It's the new year I'm tried of not having a Mustang that I can drive so it is time to get this car running. I have gone round and round on engines and I do like FE's but I want something that I can drive and not have to stop for gas all the time. I have a 88 Mark VII that I bought new and was wrecked and has been sitting for over 3 years so we have decided to use the engine and trans in the Mustang. It needs a little cleaning.

  16. Today I started reshaping the deck lid. The front corners stick up to high and the left side is really bad. I sanded both sides but had to add material to the bottom of the left side. Also the bottom of the deck lid did not match the taillight panel in the middle so I added material to the inside and than sanded the outside. It also did not line up with the end caps at the bottom so I sanded both sides to match the end caps

  17. As you can see in this photo the bottom of the deck lid sticks out past the quarter and on the bottom it doesn't line up with the taillight panel


    I added material to the back and sanded the front

  18. That will be a nice drivetrain for you Mustang. I like that plan better.
  19. The car is looking great Rusty!

    Would you mind telling me your procedure for bonding and molding in the spoiler extensions? Thank you. :)
  20. I used panel adhesive (Norton's or 3M) on the end cap than bolted it on. The next day sanded off the adhesive than finished with Rage bondo but lately have been using Marsons Platinum.