1968 DOHC 4.6 Coupe Project

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  1. Are you going to swap in the Mark VII EFI?
  2. It would be easier for me to install a carb since I know very little about EFI but after thinking about I'm going with the EFI.
  3. Really some great work!!! Nice eye for details and lines.

    I assume you'll be running a fuel cell with the FI anyway but just in case you didn't notice that rear sway bar will prevent you from using the stock fuel tank.
  4. I will be using the stock tank. I bought the second kit Rod & Custom made and they sent the wrong sway bar. Here is the correct one that is in front of the tank

  5. An awful lot of good work going on there! I wish I had paint and body skills, but they are beyond me. Too much like "art", I just can't do it!
  6. That looks sweet and is going to be an awesome car.
  7. More block sanding it's getting closer.




  8. I finished block sanding the deck lid trying to get it to match the quarters and than epoxy primed


    Sprayed SPI Turbo primer

  9. I spend most of the day working on something that you don't see 95% of the time the back of the deck lid.

    I finished sanding and than epoxy primed


  10. I bought the first - same deal - had to swap the sway bar.

  11. Just a question.......

    You wouldnt happen to take kidneys for payment would you?
    I have one laying around I could do without if it meant getting something like that!!!
  12. Today I sanded the deck lid than sprayed a coat of SPI white epoxy



    I waited a couple of hours than sprayed 3 coats of SPI single stage red.


  13. I was not happy with the hood after block sanding. I added a little filler than epoxy primed again.


  14. I block sanded the hood again and epoxy primed white next I need to sand and paint the back side of the hood.

  15. It has been awhile since I got to work on the 68 so today I decided to add a little filler to each quarter to tighten the gap on the fiberglass deck lid and I block sanded the roof and taillight panel.



  16. We had a problem with the drivers door sticking out 1/4" at the bottom even after elongating the holes in the hinge. We cut 1/4" out of the bottom of the door.



    Brian had to cut out a section to get at the inner brace to cut it. After the brace was welded he brushed some epoxy primer than welded back in the piece he cut out.


  17. I sprayed SPI Red yesterday on the hood and deck lid and the clear today. I will wet sand and than spray 3 more coats of SPI Universal clear.


  18. Looking really good, cant wait to see the finished car. Love the red.
  19. Ready for 2 coats of epoxy primer