1968 DOHC 4.6 Coupe Project

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  1. I got a new set of taillights installed. After a lot of trimming on the new rubber taillight to body seal they finally fit.

  2. I installed the grille and trim


    I wanted something a little different and I had an extra set of wide grille moldings that I epoxy primed black



    I like the black what do you think?
  3. Rusty,
    YES, the black looks great!:nice: What did you do to trim the rectangular spots that the grill chrome studs go through, or did that Dynacorn grill not have them? What was your source for the grill?

    On a different note, did you ever get that GORGEOUS Shelby done? If so, do you have pics? WE NEED CAR ****!:lol:

  4. We are now a Dynacorn dealer so I order a 67 grille and Brian drilled out the spot welds that held the braces shown on the page before.

    The owner of the Shelby is a musician and has been playing in Europe and will be back in a couple of weeks to get it.
  5. Rusty,
    You beat me to it!:D Upon some research, I was guessing you started with a 67, not 68, grill. Very COOL! That's very close to what I'm looking for, except I want to use the 68 horse & corral, without the larger chrome surround. When I have the $$$, I'll order that grill and any other Dynacorn stuff I need through you, unless that's a pain for you. I assume you don't stock much of their stuff, but if I order from you, they simply drop ship to me? Again, any chance of pics of that Shelby? Sorry to be a pain, but that car would be MINE, in a different life.:banana:
    Thank For Your Great Posts,
  6. We are going to a car show in Tampa tomorrow. This is a new show for the Mustang Club of Tampa at Davis Islands airport.



  7. Race Ramps was at Barrett Jackson in Palm Beach last weekend and came to our show and was looking for a car to display




  8. Wow, cool product and even cooler that they chose your piece of art to display!
  9. June 2012

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  10. Rusty, congrats on the cover! I was pleasantly suprirsed last night when I returned home from a business trip. The cars look awesome! This picture should be used as marketing material for SPI products :D
  11. I did get one small part added last week when the gas cap came in.

  12. Is all that black just SPI epoxy?
  13. Yes
  14. Its not reduced or anything? That flat black look is stunning.

    What would happen if a guy sprayed a flat or satin clear on that? Would it look good and hold up for awhile?
  15. No reducer mixed 1 - 1 with activator.

    SPI black epoxy now has an additive to protect it from UV's so no clear is needed
  16. Well my life just got alot simpler I think.....hum.

    I wanted my car black but this is my first restoration, and gloss black with my skills is out of the question, but I might could pull this off. I sprayed SPI black yesterday, got careless and my air pressure was off so it didn`t lay down like it should have, so I`m gonna go 320 wet and scuff it down and put 3 coats slicksand over it, 320 block it, and try to get the look you have on your car, does this sound like a realistic plan?

    FYI, I have a pro painter for the last part.
  17. Why do you want to wet sand and than spray Slick Sand? I block the Slick Sand with 80 than spray 2 more coats than block with 180 dry. Than I spray a couple of coats of epoxy block it with 320 dry than spray more epoxy and wet sand that with 600 and than spray the base.
  18. I had already 80 blocked the entire car, and I mixed some epoxy to spray the exposed metal spots where I had sanded into the metal, and I had some extra epoxy mixed and went ahead and shot the roof, cowl, and trunk lid. (it had already been handwashed and prepped) It didn`t lay down very good, lots of dry spots. I`m wet sanding it to knock it down so I can get it smooth enough to recover with slicksand. It has to be skuffed now anyway, I been letting it bake in the sun to try to get it to dry faster so I can sand it back down....
  19. I would dry sand with 180 not 320 before more slick sand.
  20. I`ve already got a roll of 220 out there, will that work?