1968 DOHC 4.6 Coupe Project

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  1. Yes that will be ok
  2. I had a friend replace the seals and filter


    After Brian cleaned it


    I sprayed 2 coats of SPI gray epoxy

  3. I will be busy block sanding this weekend getting ready for paint

  4. I sanded with 320 than epoxy primed white



    After lightly wet sanding they were sprayed with SPI Red followed the next day with SPI Universal Clear.


  5. Steve Baur the editor of Modified Mustangs & Fords Magazine asked if I would give 20 tips on how to do a paint job and wanted me to paint the Coupe for a future bodywork issue.

    I have the doors and fenders painted



    I epoxy primed the body yesterday with SPI white and today we are wet sanding getting ready for paint.


  6. Yesterday I sprayed 3 coats of SPI Red

  7. Wowzers! Can't wait to see it put together, sanded and buffed!
  8. It did not have clear on it yet in that picture
  9. coooool been waiting to see some color looks great
  10. I sprayed 3 coats of SPI Universal clear

  11. Rusty,
    I can't wait to see this car fully assembled and some pics (or vids) of you "undercoating" the rear wheel wells with molten rubber!:hail:
  12. i wish we were able to use real paint here in calif, instead of colord water
    this stuff is terriable ,you guys dont know how lucky you are .oh how i miss
  13. Ready to come out of the booth for wet sanding


    After wet sanding with 400 Brian taped again and it is ready for 3 more coats of clear

  14. Six coats of SPI clear after it sits a few days we will start wet sanding than buff

  15. wow that car looks smooth ! same wheels i have. imo the best looking wheels for 65-68
  16. Man I just read the whole thread, love the car!! Any update, would love to see it finished!
  17. what company makes those wheels? i could see a set of those on my 69. especialy if i go black. were the spinners seperate or come with the wheels?
    they look expensive. Jim
  18. According to Rusty, the wheels are Edelbrock 454. I've hunted and found them to be no longer made but someone (Iforgot who) makes a clone of them. I agree that they are awesome!