Mach 1 1968 Mach 1 Concept

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by boatillo, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. First saw this pic when I was flipping through old popular science mags (Getting ads from my 67 Mustang year!) and was wow'd! Its kinda like looking at that Mustang I or Mustang II concepts they made before the 64.5 cars. Anyways, here it is for those that haven't seen before:

  2. Looks like they tried to steal the porthole off the T-Bird. Not diggin' that concept. The '67 Fastback is one of my top favorite looking old Mustangs.
  3. Yeah, that concept isn't too attractive.....

    And my personal favorite year of the old Mustangs is 1970 :flag:
  4. Ahh, port hole windows may have been cool on the T-bird, but that don't get it there, the mirrors are useless, emblem placement not right and . . . well, all and all I'm glad it didn't happen like that concept. The way the Mach1 did come to production was very nice though. :nice:
  5. I wonder if the portholes where an afterthought to the mirrors mounted on the windows...

    Designer1: "DOUH! uhhhh...hey designer2, I don't know that your idea to put the mirrors ON the windows is gonna work out so hot"

    Designer2: "What are you talking about?? That's sooooo 1980's man!"

    Designer1: "Well that may be, but how are we going to roll the windows down now???"

    Designer2: "Pffffft! Windows?? Don't you know that the Earth will be too polluted by 1980 for humans to breathe fresh air? Yea, I read that in a popular science th'other day."

    Designer1: "Well, that may be...but what about dogs? Everyone knows they HAVE to hang their heads out of any car they ride in."

    Designer2: "Hmmmm, an excellent point. I propose we add portholes IN the windows! Brilliant!"

    Designer1: "Brilliant!"


    On a side note I am still looking for an Azure Blue Mach to buy for myself :( Dealership about 4 hours from me has one though! Get this...31,000 miles, no addons, sat on a dealer lot for 10 months before being auctioned off to this dealer and what are they asking for it? $25,559. I'm trying to talk them down to like 17ish, wish me luck!
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: That's funny stuff! :lol: :lol: :lol: Scary, but you may be right too! :eek:
    Man, good luck, I hope you can get what you want. :nice:
  7. Ford dealership finally called me, I discussed it with some completely ignorant woman who believed that at $25559 the Mach 1 was priced perfectly (albeit that is the most expensive nonmodded Mach I have seen for sale in the USA)

    They were willing to go all the way to 23500! See if those a$$clowns ever get business from me, I know they got that car at auction for like $12k.