1968 Shelby Black Hornet

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    Scroll down to the 4th post. It took my breath away, I never knew Shelby touched a coupe. This is a breathtaking car. Its incredible. Its got me really thinking about going black on black. I love it!
  2. Been digging into this, its Carrol Shelby's personal coupe. This car is amazing, I wonder why he never produced them! Its FANTASTIC!





  3. wierd question.........was black ever a standard mustang color??? i don't think that i have ever seen a black mustang.....:shrug:

    THAT is a nice ride..
  4. That car is awesome!!!!!!! I have seen 65-68 Mustangs in black. I think it was a factory color.
  5. I believe the factory color was called Raven Black and in 68 it was only available on the Shelby models.
  6. They make a Shelby body kit for the coupe, I just like a realistic looking can and didnt know Shelby ever designed a coupe, Its tempting to clone this car. Its amazing. I just prefer brushed aluminum over woodgrain for the interior. It is very awesome. I wonder why he never produced a coupe. He prototyped a green coupe, the Green Hornet in addition to this one, but I guess the coupe was destined to never see production,.......
  7. + 1 on the brushed aluminum for the interior......:drool:
  8. mump_0701_11_z1968_shelby_GT500SR_c.jpg

    This is what I want my interior to look like.
  9. I think the black hornet would look tons better with out that wood grain though.
  10. agree aboutthe woodgrain.........but back in the day it was HOT.......
  11. Love the look minus the radio, just looks out of place IMHO
  12. Yeah, it was Raven Black (code A up until 1971) and it was a standard color on all Mustangs, not just Shelbys.

    The Black Hornet is a very cool car indeed. Still like the original Green Hornet for it's historic value, but the new one would certainly be fun to drive. :D
  13. do know how many black cars were produced.?//
    ...........i have never seen one,,,,,,,,,,,and didn;t even think about it until this thread...
  14. What a gorgeous Shelby! Did they make a limited run on the 68 Hornet in black?
  15. That's just awesome. And I kindof like the wood grain. It takes me back... ...To a time before I was born, yeah.
  16. wow. this gave me a whole new look on coupes ! just beautiful. i agree brushed aluminum would look so much better.:jaw:
  17. If im not mistaken there were only 2 shelby coupes ever made, but they were never "shelbys" because they were prototypes and never got a shelby serial number. One was called "Little Red" and it was a modified GT/CS coupe and it was tested and then shredded the other was "Green Hornet" it had an independent rear suspension and a newly designed fuel injection system sitting atop a 429. The green hornet never saw the shredder but was picked apart, over a 20 year resto and working with shelby they got the car back to its original condition. I don't think the "black hornet" was actually built into a shelby back in 68...i think it was a project they completed more recently, but still all cars are very cool and very unique and show just how beautiful these coupes really are. I hate the look ppl give me when i tell them I have a 67 mustang and they are like "Is it a fastback??" and i say with delight "No, even better, its a coupe!" I love it, i do like the fastbacks but to me, my coupe is just as sexy and wouldnt trade it for a sportsroof.
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  18. interesting subject. The car "Little Red" was a 67 and the Green Hornet was a 68. Little Red was actually the prototype that led to the California Special, not the other way around. The Green Hornet does still exist and was restored as close to what it was as a prototype.
    Further, there were Shelby Coupes. In 1967 Shelby of Mexico produced Shelby's. They only made the coupe body style in Mexico so it was based on the Coupe. Several hundred were produced. Shelby of Mexico produced Shelby coupes with the 69 body style as well.
    I have always loved the coupe which gets no respect. My firs car when I was 15 was a 67 coupe. I have had my current 67 coupe 21 years and it has been inspired by the Shelby coupes, little red and the Green hornet (as well as Eleanor too).
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  19. ^I want that...
  20. The black one uptop looks awesome! :nice:


    This looks overdone. :nonono: