1968 Shelby Black Hornet

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  1. thanks a lot Noobz347, and what peace of ***** do you drive?
  2. I drive a Honda CRX. Represent! :D
  3. really...? a Honda?
  4. Can't dis the CRX. That's a fast, fun little car. If I had to have a FWD sports car, it would probably be a CRX.
  5. So my car is ugly and a CRX is cool...?
    okay, I'm on the wrong forum. Bye!
  6. So he was a little short about your car. Ease up, everybody doesn't like something, like maybe CRX's. I personally like your ride.:nice:
  7. I have a 1965 Mustang Fastback that the original color is black
  8. Back to the post.

    The black MUSTANG is someone's project car, done in the last few years,and they got the old chicken farmer to endorse it. It's not his car. It's not a real Shelby.

    But, it is a nice lookin' pony!