Expired 1969 -70 Fast Back Interior Fold Down Fiberglass

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  1. I have two sets of Fiberglass panels ,the The large panels beside the back seat for 69 -70 fast backs -
    $200 a pair
    I have two sets of the rear panels for the fold down area for 69-70 - $200 a pair
    I also have the trap door in fiberglass ,it fits 67-70 fast back - $100
    These are very nice reproductions with the factory grain . The seat side panels have the mounting just like the original .The large fold pieces have the correct grain also . The trap door is very nice with the correct grain and has threaded holes with steel inserts for mounting and is wave free and dent free ,perfect for replacing one that has speaker holes or maybe just dented or missing . I bought three sets of them and used one set in my 69 Fast Back and they look just like the originals only stronger made .
    you can reach me at 559-719-7311 or 559-568-2107 if no answer leave a
    message and i will return your call ,i am out of the house a lot so leaving a message is best .
    Jim Strathmore Calif.
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  2. Both sets of latch covers are Sold , I still have both sets of large quarter trim panels and the trap door .
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