1969 Ford Mustang Brake Conversion Help!

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  1. I was thinking earlier what I want to do to my 69 fastback

    I am wondering whether I can run a 4th Gen. front disc brake setup on my 69 Mustang without any major problems, it so I was wondering if you could tell me what all I'll need off of the donor car to complete the build.

    Also , I'm gonna do a 1 inch drop in front 1.5 or 2 inch in rear (if you could tell me which is best to make the stance the best) with JEGS Sport Star Cast Aluminum Wheels or American Racing Outlaw II's

    If anyone is wondering what I'm running is a 302 out of an 87 GT with an aluminum intake and 2 barrel, unknown internals but its got porting polishing and a thumper cam in its future, with a FMX transmission, any suggestions for little to no cash to help improve it will be greatly appreciated

    Thanks for any help you can be to me, so I can get this soon to be Grabber Blue beast moving again!

    Me Trying To Find The Answer To My Question's

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