1969 Ford Mustang Grande S Code Factory Big Block

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  1. FOR SALE:

    Make: Ford
    Model: Mustang Grande Hardtop Coupe
    Engine: 390 V8 S Code 320 HP / 427 TQ
    Transmission: C6 3 Speed Automatic
    Rear Axle: 9" 3.00:1 Standard Diff
    Exterior Color: Winter Blue
    Interior Color: Blue
    Options: AC, PS, Disc Brakes, Speed Control

    Data Plate:


    Body: 65E Grande W/ Bucket Seats
    Color: P Winter Blue
    Trim: 1B Blue Luxury Cloth & Vinyl
    Date: 09M December
    DSO: San Jose
    Axle: 6 3.00:1 standard diff
    Trans: U C-6 Automatic

    The Mustang that I have for sale is a 1969 hardtop with a factory big block 390 V8. This is a very rare car, and who knows how many are left to exist.

    In 1969 Ford produced 10,549 S Code Mustangs.

    Hardtop Coupes: 858
    Sport Roofs: 9,440
    Convertibles: 251

    From the research that I have done, of the 858 coupes, 629 were equiped with automatics.

    This Mustang runs and drives, and appears to be an all original California car.

    As you can see in the picture, it is in fair condition for it's age. This car is very solid, with the exception of a small fist sized hole in the trunk, and several very small holes near the rear window, under where the vinyl top was. The rest of the car is rock solid, including the floors, shock towers, sills, and quarters.

    According to the 2011 Collector Car Price Guide, there is no reference to the S code for 1969. They only say to ad 30% for Cobra Jet V8 engines. The S code is far more rare than a 428 equiped Mustang.

    (6) $940
    (5) $2,820
    (4) $4,700
    (3) $10,580
    (2) $16,450
    (1) $23,500

    Please note, these prices are for base 302 Mustangs.

    In the condition this car is in, I would rate it a 4.5

    This car is definately a sleeper, and deserves to be restored.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a title, but I am sure one can be obtained through the many title companies.

    I wouldn't be selling, but due to unforseen circumstances, I have no choice.

    Last year I was offered twice my asking price, but decided to restore it myself.

    Car is located in Northern California

    E-mail: [email protected]


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