1969 Inline 6 to 351w swap

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  1. I recently purchased an inline 6 69 fastback. I want to do the full V8 conversion. I have searched the site and havent really seen a detailed description on the steps needed to complete the conversion. I want to make this car fun to drive, I dont attend to win any car shows or put it up on "Barret-Jackson". I know everything must go. But I wanted to know how much fabrication was needed or I can bolt and play some parts.

    I bought the car for $6000, and thats a hell of a deal. Ive been searching for a fastback for 4 years now and I cant even find a rolling chassis for less then 10k. These cars are the hottest commodity in Southern California, so I feel blessed that I found this car.

    All positive posts will be appreciated and Ill even take some of the negative ones.
  2. from what i have seen in the past, motor mount change and some small stuff....should not be hard
  3. we need to which 6 banger you have, the 200 or the 250? if it's the 250 will already have v8 spec suspension and brakes although new springs and at least front discs should be in order for a restomod. as far as the engine swap itself, you'll need the correct frame and motor mounts and the trans crossmember might be different. if it's the 250 engine you'll already have the 8" rearend with 5 lug axles. the 8" rear is good to about 400hp with the right gears and a locker. if you plan on going with more than 400hp or plan on using a manual trans and doing a lot of gear banging then you'll probably need to consider a 9" rearend but even with a manual trans you'll be fine as long as you don't treat the rearend to rough or put slicks on it, in other words no dumping the clutch at 4k or anything like that. an automatic will be fine with the 8" rear as well.

    now if you have the 200ci six popper everything above goes out the window and the entire drivetrain, running gear, suspension and brakes will need to changed.
  4. oh, one more thing the engine compartment wiring harnesses (headlight harness and gauge feed harness) is different for the v8 and six cylinder cars as well so that will also need to be changed.

  5. I dont plan on making this a drag racer. I can do that with a $1500 coupe. I just love fastbacks, and who doesnt? I want a proper engine in it. Im gonna spend $8k on interior, paint, rims and tires and have an inline in it, doesnt do it justice.

    As to it being a 250 or 200, Im not sure. I havent picked up the car yet. I just see it as being a rolling chasis where i have to change all the suspension, brakes, drivetrain and engine. So I just didnt ask. But I didnt know there was a difference between the 250 and the 200. Learn something new everyday.

    I figure I have got to spend around $15k on this car to make it proper. This is the kind of car you keep forever and Im not gonna cut corners. I rather have it take 2 years then half arse it in a month.
  6. well like i said if you don't go too radical the 8" rearend is just fine provided it's a 250ci car vs the 200 with the weakass salisbury rearend

  7. Nothing too radical. Something stout though. Like said before, no racing but its gotta break into the low 14s, handle well and be able to drive. Ill keep you guys posted on further news and what not.
  8. Fore some reason Ford chose to make most the underpinnings on the 250 the same as the 302, and not on the 200. I almost never see 200 sixes in 1969, so you are probably in luck. I did this conversion while in high school in 1978. The six suspension will work OK, but I would suggest an uprade.

    Also, nobody has mentioned the cooling system yet, but you definitely need to get a 24" radiator and proper hoses. If the car doesn't have disc brakes, I would definitely do that upgrade as well.

  9. oh yeah, the 8" will easily handle low 14's, it should even hold up well deep into the 13's as long as you don't run slicks.

    Max is correct about the cooling as well, definitely need a better rad. i have a 3 core 24" with a shroud and clutch fan and it'll idle all day long and never get hot
  10. and, before you ask, there's a bajillion threads on "how can I hop up my 289/302/351/460?"

    Seek and ye shall find.

  11. Im not that new to the scene. Ive built a few engines in my day. I just wanted to know the specifics of a conversion. I didnt know 6 cylinder mustangs were 4 lug until a few days ago. I never looked into 6 cylinder mustangs, So I thought there will be more people here to help.
  12. Im gonna do this car right, I plan on driving this thing. I live in LA and I go on a lot of weekend cruises up the coast and through the mountains of Angeles Crest. So all the good stuff is gonna be there but Im gonna try to make it look as original as possible though.
  13. I finally picked up the car. The car needs a lot of work but I think its gonna work out. Its a 5 lug. Has some rust but I drove it from San Diego to Los Angeles with out it falling apart. Here are some pics. Ill keep you guys posted.
  14. I'm hearing ya...:nice:

    There used to be a great 6-to-V8 how-to on this forum, but it vanished some time back, apparently. :(

  15. no it didn't, it's in a sticky in the Talk section, under classic FAQ's

  16. sorry, the link is tsill there, but it's no longer active. my bad!!!
  17. I did the same thing but checked it first lol
  18. Itll be just easier buying a complete used 351 for $350. bout a 600 dollars worth of add ons and ill be at what i want. Just so much easier.
  19. I just like to attempt to save 6 cylinder mustangs... there aren't enough of them anymore.