1969 Mach 1 "Blackened"

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  1. i really like the valance and the spoiler on the blackened car

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  2. Don't forget the silver t-bird.
  3. THAT IS AWESOME!!! I love the new polished magunum 500s!!! Are those 17"s or 18"s?

    Seriously the best mustang ever would be a 1969 Fastback boss 429 clone with those wheels and stuffed with an all-aluminum, fuel injected, boss 429 motor from c & c motorsports: http://candcmotorsports.com/. It would be sweet cause you could actually drive it hard because its only a clone. :canada:
  4. The wheels are 17's,and I drive the Boss every chance I get!!:flag:
  5. What size are the tires? What other mods have you made? This is the 2nd 429 Boss I see that is modified, very nice. Good to see somebody driving one and enjoying it. I have a 302 and 351 Boss, both highly modified and driven of course. I just need your 429 to complete my stable!:D
  6. Let me know when you hit the Powerball,1mil might get me to part with it !! The tires are BFG KDWS 28540ZR17 and 24545ZR17. In addition to the wheels and tires,it has Baer 4 wheel discs,TCP power rack and pinion,Custom stainless headers and exhaust,and 600hp worth of BOSS hemi under the hood!:flag: www.1969boss429.com
  7. I wish I would have bought a 429 2yrs ago. I was closely looking into the black one owned by Goldberg. Should have bit the bullet and done it.:flag:
  8. I like what they did with the front valance and notched spoiler. Really dislike the blackout theme looks like cheap spray can paint scheme. And crate motor really dislike it as well. Boss 429 or 351 cleveland with SEFI would have gotten my attention. Really can't beat a chromed out original Shaker hood scoop.

    So what happened to this pic its a dead end link now?
    photo gallery boss new career at 1969boss429.com

    I'd like to see what it looks like, sounds cool.
  9. You can expect most of the 3 year old links in this thread to be dead ends.