1969 Mustang Coupe 351W

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What does it need to be more desirable?

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  1. Magnum 500 wheels

  2. Fresh paint

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  3. Cold a/c

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  4. Cheaper

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  1. For Sale: Beautiful 1969 Mustang Coupe in Northern Virginia
    351W, 4-bbl Holley, 3-speed FMX auto trans
    Power front disc brakes, power steering, air (runs but needs R-12)
    Hood scoop, hood pins, front spoiler, dual mirrors, dual exhaust
    Acapulco blue (some scratches and chips) with good black vinyl top
    Aqua interior in great shape! Padded dash, console.
    Runs great, incredible head-turning sound!
    Current Virginia safety inspection.
    Garaged. Rust does not appear to be significant.
    Asking $11,000. Can send additional photos and discuss details.

    dsgabriel "at" aol "dot" com


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