1969 Shelby Mustang Gt 350 4-speed With Original Paint

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  1. Since it is unpainted and unrestored, how long before it starts rusting? what is the best way to keep this car from rusting?




    71345 miles original and numbers matching 351 4bbl and Top loader 4 speed.

    23 pictures and full article

  2. You send it to me of course ,Please Please ,Please !:drool:

    If that is unrestored ,do not touch it other than a good cleaning . Cant help you with keeping it from rusting, i live in Cali. so they do not rust as easily here ...buuut ,if you are worried about it rusting please note first
    sentence :lol:
  3. Keep the dings touched up, use wax and proper paint care. Keep it clean underneath (as if this thing ever sees mud) and store it in a dry location.