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  1. I just joined and I though I would show you one of my cars. I bought the body from Hubert Platt when he was a member of the Ford Drag Team in 1970. It is a 428CJ Q code body that was used by Ford as a Boss 302 test car and was suppose to be crushed. I turned it into a race car in 1971 and set the NHRA SS/GA record in 1971 and 1974 the last year I raced it.

    This is the way it looked at my first race after it was painted in 1971


    I started rebuilding it to race in Stock in 1990 and this is was in 2000


    I repainted it in my shop back in 2004 close to the way it was back in the 70's. It was red on one side and blue on the other.



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  2. wow... that's a piece of history... Amazing... :nice:
  3. very cool :nice: it's nice to see old drag cars still ripping it up.
  4. Verrrrrrrr-rrry nice :nice: :nice: :nice:

    What mill were you using this last time? Oh and of course, what's in her now?

    EDIT: Please tell me it's an FE, please tell me it's an FE.......
    A Cleveland wouldn't hurt my feelings, but please say it was an FE!
  5. Back when I was racing Super Stock it was a 428CJ with a C6 and a 5.14 rear and the best ET was 11.13 in 1974. The last time I raced it in 2005 it was a legal C/SA 428CJ with a C-4 and 4.71 gear except for the intake and carb and a little lighter and it went 10.97.
  6. hey Rusty, just saw your car in one of the Mustang mags this week and came across this thread and i wanted to say congrats on making the mag. good job:nice: that was a great story as well
  7. Okay Bryan, spill it! Which one???
  8. it's the december issue of mustang and fords. :nice:
  9. Picked one up today (oops- yesterday) at Wally World while I was hunting down "Dream Whip" for my Mom's famous Heritage Pumpkin Pie. Cool Whip and/or spray-bomb "whipped creme" just oesn't cut it; so I was on a mission! Found the Dream Whip and picked up the mag.

    Only glanced at it so far, will try to read through it tomorrow at lunch. Saw Rusty's car and right after that was just another plain-Jane, ho-hum orange Mercury - must be a million of those suckers out there... :rlaugh:

  10. yep those darn mercury's. it's that song "buy me a mercury" you know, the Steve Miller song (or version), that started this mercury craze that's been going around, or at least that's my theory
  11. Awesome stang, wide rear tires and all, I loved those stangs with the fat tires on the rear. I would like to see more stangs with the wide tires, that was the craze back in the day, now everyone seems to run the skinnies.
  12. Well, I finally got around to it.....

    Finally had the opportunity to pcik up the Dec 07 M&F that I bought 4 days ago and set on the dining room table. As planned, the first article was the on Rusty's '69.

    Very nice, sir! :nice: :hail2:

    So, obviously, when's your next "Vintage Race"?
    You just have to :Track:
  13. Nice history there Rusty:nice:
    Welcome to the forum.
  14. I don't plan on racing the Mustang. I was going to and everybody said I was crazy that the car is too rare and valuable. I'm in the middle of building a 1967 Fairlane to race in NHRA Superstock. A lot of the non period correct parts will be taken off the Mustang and used on the Fairlane. I will take the Mustang to car shows. We will paint the Fairlane red white and blue like the Mustang in our shop.


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  15. Awesome.. just.. awesome :drool:
  16. i think it would be great to run the car in one of the nostalgia classes or maybe the occasional exhibition run. i mean really, that car was built to run, in my opinion you'd be doing it a huge dis-service to not run it occassionally anyway. that's kind of like sending a race horse out to pasture and then making it pull a plow....let it run:nice:

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  17. I know I still have the itch everytime I start it to go race. I just missed the Nostalgia race at Bradenton a couple of weeks ago. Maybe next year.
  18. Hey hey HEY!
    When I was in like the 5th grade; I built a model of a Fairlane circle-track car that looked very much like that body! Don't remember if it was a Revell or AMT kit; all I remember was the picture on the cover of the guy making his victory lap while holding the checkered flag out the window! O yeah, and that it had a "427" in it - which could have been right - when one is in 5th grade how could one tell? It was at least an FE... I remember the 5 "wing-bolts" that were part of the die-cast, chrome "pent-roof" valve covers :nice:
  19. I changed my mind and raced May 25th at a Super Stock race in Lakeland. A new Stock/Super Stock circuit has been formed so since the Fairlane is a year or more away I decided to race the Mustang. I bought new front and rear tires (8 years old) and went to test Wed before the race. Car was breaking up going down the track but went 7.56 in the 1/8 but my reaction time was .032. Bought new MSD wires, rotor and cap and went to Lakeland.
    7.62 - 89.49 still missing and spun bad
    7.34 - 94.90 retarded the timing a little and still spun
    Index 7.00
    7.05 - 97.34 harder burn out won first round
    7.11 - 98.17 won again
    7.00 - 98.58 won again
    6.96 - 99.94 broke out in the semi final
    We had a problem with the starter and broken teeth on the flexplate and had to push it in the trailer. I ordered a starter and flexplate and can't wait until the next race.

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  20. Glad to see you let the Pony run again :nice: :nice: :nice:

    Of course, now you know it will have to continue...... the car wants it as bad as you do. :p